I fcuked a hotel employee and i loved it! [26F]

So I am meeting someone at a hotel today but unfortunately he has been delayed by 2 hours.

He says I can go to the room. He’s emailed front desk and sent me the reservation details. I talk to the front desk, show them the reservation details, and they problem me a key to the room.

One of the employees immediately takes my bag, without me asking, and walks with me to the elevator and the room.

He’s a relatively good looking guy. Young … ish … I assume. We chit chat in the elevator and to the room.

Once there he lingers.

I assume he’s looking for a tip.

I have no cash.

Like I said. He’s a good looking guy. I was expecting to be fucked within minutes of entering the room. Now I’ll have to wait 2 hours.

I shoot my shot.

“I’m sorry I don’t have any cash” I say walking up close to him.

“Oh that’s fine miss” he says unsure why I’m so close to him. Also. Miss. 😒. We can’t be that far aside in age.

I tilt my head a little. “But…” Twirl my hair. Move in closer. He moves in too and we lock lips.

We make out for a bit. I’m clearly in command. I rub my hand on his dick through his pants. He moans. I break our kiss and bite his ears and kiss his neck while I keep rubbing his dick. He’s not getting hard.

I waste no time. He’s clearly interested in more. I drop to my knees, undo his pants, pull his dick and balls out. Kinda hairy but oh well.

Give him a blowjob. Grows to an average erect dick. Massage the balls with my hands. He’s moaning. I try to make eye contact but he has his head tilted back. Just moaning. I smile to myself.

Keep giving him a blowjob. Deepthroating him. Eyes watering. Jerking him off. He says he’s close in less than 10 minutes.

“Yeah? Cum on my face” I tell him.

I hold my hair up and let him take over as he jerks himself off. He unloads a decent amount all over my face. Obviously some of the cum has squirted on my hair,m and clothes, some is dripping off my face on to my clothes.

I tell him I need to clean up. He should get back to work. Best tip ever he says. Sorry about the mess.

I clean up.

I’m still waiting for my date. That’s what he gets for making me wait. Hmph.

NSFW: yes

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