I Fantasize About You

You get to my house. It’s been a long day out on the road with the rest of the highway boys so you want to take a shower. You get dressed and come into my room. It’s not long before you’re kissing me. You mention you knew you shouldn’t have bothered getting dressed.

We are taking our clothes off as fast as we can. It’s never fast enough. You grab me and pull me in to kiss me right before you push me back on the bed. You go down on me because you have to taste me, but for only a few seconds before deciding there’s no need for niceties because I’m already soaked and you are already rock, fucking hard and we’re kidding ourselves if we think we can hold out a moment longer.

You come back up and kiss me. I can taste me on your mustache and it’s so fucking hot G. You reach down and put yourself in me. I lose my breath for a moment because it’s so fucking big but it’s also so fucking perfect. It’s incredible how we are fucking and it’s both sensual and wild. It’s so intense, it’s like nothing else exists around us. I’m lost in your beautiful blue eyes and you’re lost in my perfect little pussy. You stop for a moment to ask me if I’m ready for all of you and before I can even answer you tell me it wasn’t really a choice.

Fuck, you are so deep. I tell you you feel so good inside of me. I love when you work your thick dick all the way in me. Fuck, I have missed you. You’re pulling my head up and making me watch you fuck me. You are doing that thing that I like where your forearm is pinning me across my collar bone and your hand is behind my neck so when you push into me I couldn’t move away even if I wanted to, I don’t want to. It doesn’t last long but how could it, it’s been years of fantasizing. You breathe right in my ear and say “Fuck Babe” the way you all the time do as you cum. We both get off at the same time. I love that it all the time happens that way with you. It’s so fucking, unbelievably amazing

NSFW: yes

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