I [F36] invite a lover over [M37] to play while my husband is out of town

I’m delighted to have a rare few days to myself. Alone in my house without any responsibilities, it’s the perfect time for you to come pay me a visit. It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other… months in fact. Will you look the same? Feel the same? Will we still have the same spark? Your ears must’ve been ringing because you text me that you’re off at nine. “Perfect”, I reply, “Then you can come down here and get me off. I’m already wet thinking about you.”

“You’re such a good girl. Show me how wet you are baby.”

I love this game of ours; the way we create up anticipation on your drive down to see me.
I snap a shot of my hand reaching under my panties and send it to you, then leave my hand resting just above my pussy, feeling my soft patch of hair. You’ve made a special request for me to grow her out for you and, being such a good girl, I do exactly as you ask. It’s been ages since I’ve had any bush and my fingers start to stroke and pet my silken hair. You won’t be here for at least another hour, so I lie back on the couch and let my fingers explore and make their way down to my warm wetness. I’m almost surprised at how wet I am and close my eyes with your imagine in my mind. I spread my juices through my soft patch of hair… then up and over my clit, rubbing gentle circles around and around. You’ve at all times loved the smell of my sex. You at all times want me wet and sweaty. I fondly recall you pulling my sweat-soaked panties down my legs then holding them up to your face so you could breathe in the scent of me. I believe you kept those panties. My pussy twinges with that memory of you and I start throbbing. I rub my fingers around my clit again with a little more pressure. I’m aching for you; your hands in my hair, your mouth on my heat, your cock deep inside me.

I get another text from you:
“I want you naked, waiting for me. I wanna walk in on your touching yourself.”
Immediately I slide my dress up over my head and toss it on the floor, feeling myself throbbing even more when you tell me what to do. “Done” I reply, “The door’s open.” I lean back, my fingers reaching down between my thighs and I am dripping for you. I slide one finger inside… two fingers… I can’t believe how wet I am. My heart beats faster and my stomach is all butterflies. I close my eyes and am lost inside the thrill of your arrival. I hear the creak of my front door as you ease it open and my breath catches as soon as we make eye contact. You’re across the living room in seconds and I clumsily stand up, dizzy with anticipation and desire. You lift my face up inches away from yours and we stare at each other for what feels like both an instant and an eternity… Your hands are behind my head, pulling me closer to you as your tongue dives into my mouth and I’m transfixed by your familiar touch and taste. You pull away for a moment, your hands cupping my cheeks, and look at me. I hear you murmur, “It’s been way too long, baby.” With that you slide one hand down, over my breast… down to my patch of hair. You give me an appreciative smile when you feel how long I’ve grown her out for you. You’re staring so intently into my eyes while you stroke my softness that I forget to breathe – and I can feel every cell in my body filled with electricity. Time stands still… Finally you break the spell and plunge your fingers inside my aching wet pussy. Gasping as you stroke me from the inside, I’m lightheaded and tumble into your chest. You keep your fingers deep inside me while gently laying me back on the couch and lower down til you’re kneeling on the floor before me; all the while holding my gaze. I feel you sliding out of my pussy, your fingers covered in my juices and you push them into my mouth so you can watch me taste myself. You’ve waited so long to taste me. You relish this moment – this exquisite pause – before your mouth is on me… your tongue sinks deep into my pussy and you drink me in. You pull my hips up closer to your face and I wrap my legs around your neck, smothering you… drowning you in my sopping wet pussy. I shudder as a current runs through my body and I’m climbing toward orgasm. My legs tighten around your neck and your tongue is lapping at me, sucking me, fucking me. I buck my pussy roughly in your face as my legs begin to shake and I am sent into spasms of bliss… My orgasm streaming into your mouth faster than you can lick me up. I lie there trembling while you delicately lick me clean.

NSFW: yes


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