I (F26) gave my first driving sloppy toppy

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I have at all times wanted to give a guy head while he’s driving but i don’t date guys who really take risks. Met this guy about a month ago and we went out and he was driving me back home. He pulled his dick out and asked me to give him a hand job and i just took that as my opportunity. I just loosened my seatbelt and went down he was so surprised but he didn’t stop me. I gave him the sloppiest toppy i have ever given. I took his 9 inch dick all the way down until my tongue was licking his balls again! He moaned and groaned and that made me enjoy sucking him off even more. I can fairly say that was one of my proudest moments. My pussy was soaking wet when i was done. Literally dripping in cream.

He couldn’t even wait until we got to my house he just pulled over by the roadside and fucked my tight pussy so good. I’m getting wet just thinking about it. Sml. I definitely want to do that again. Hopefully this time i can take a quick video

NSFW: yes

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