I (F25) caught (M37) jerking off in a hotel room which resulted in the hottest cream pie


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So, I’m a housekeeper. Checkout is usually around 11 but we knock at 10 to see who has already left. One day I knocked on a door and with no answer I wondered it was vacant. Turns out, it wasn’t. I opened the door and directly in my line of sight is a man sitting at the desk in a desk chair with his cock in his hands making direct eye contact with me. Immediately I was aroused, I knew his big member would feel so good pounding my tight little pussy. He motions for me to close the door and I do. I then proceed to walk over and kneel down to take his cock in my wet little mouth. I give him the sloppiest BJ I’ve ever given and after a good 5 minutes he rips my scrub pants down, bends me over the desk and goes to town eating my pussy. After about 5 orgasms later he picks me up, takes me to the bed and starts pounding my pussy…all while my co workers are walking around on the floor (probably looking for me but I was in slut heaven) after he finishes I tidy my stuff up so you couldn’t tell I just got fucked and later I cleaned that same room with his cum still dripping out of my pussy. Fuck I love cleaning hotel rooms.

NSFW: yes

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