I (F24) helped a Reddit guy cheat

I’ve all the time had something for cheating guys it makes me weak and a thousand times hornier, I recently move to a different city and was scrolling through igh Reddit when he send me a message saying he would love to cheat on his girlfriend, that he was also Latin and Latina pussy was his favorite one. We talked for a couple of days about meeting but I had never met a stranger from Reddit before just to fuck, he loved about 5 minutes away and one day when I was extremely horny I texted him I needed his dick soon. He said he was available but he only had an hour cause he had to pick up his girlfriend after. I asked him how he wanted me to be dressed for him and he said as slutty as I could be. 10 minutes go by and he comes up to mt place. I was wearing black lingerie. He said I was prettier than expected and spank me while he kissed me. He was extremely tall and carried me to the bed. I has a bodysuit and he kissed my tits while telling me his girlfriend didn’t had such amazing tits and then stood up so that I faced his dick. It was HUGE and barely fit in my mouth but he loved how I sucked it. After a few minutes I begged him to fuck me and he did, he went deeply inside me while fuxking me doggie
And telling me how a big of a slut I was for fucking him before he saw his girlfriend. He have me all his cum before leaving to see her.

NSFW: yes

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