I (F23) overheard my roommate (F21) and her bf (M22) having sex and fantasising about me, I was caught and invited to join (MÉNAGE, DENIAL, RESTRAINTS)

I know what those noises mean.
I might be a virgin, but c’mon! They are panting and moaning and whispering with husked voices. You don’t need to be experienced to know what that adds up to.
I’m sitting on my bed, hugging my knees and trying to ignore the noise. Pretending I am far away while my cordless ear phones charge enough for me to use them. Hell of a day to run out of battery, huh? Had I known Paisley and Blake were planning on going full porn in the room next door I would have prepared better.
Hearing them is bad.
And not just because I’m a 23 year old virgin with no boyfriend, a new job that I try to pretend isn’t scaring me, the tiniest boobs God ever chose to give a woman, a libido that goes from 0 to 100 faster than a Ferrari and ear phones that run out of battery too fast…
Hearing them is bad cause it’s Paisley!
She is not my little sister, but she is close enough. She has been my roommate for a couple of years and we practically grew up together since she’s best friends with my actual little sister.
So hearing her boyfriend… fuck her (or whatever it is they are doing in there) is a tad disturbing to say the least.
She can be 21 all she wants, I have a hard time seeing her as more than a little girl.
I close my eyes tightly and try to pretend I am not there.
But Blake moans kinda loud and my pretending fails. Hard.
He moans a lot.
Actually… now that I think about it. I think he’s been doing most of the moaning. And whispering. Can’t really tell with the panting, but maybe that’s him also? I don’t hear Paisley at all. So maybe I can pretend he is just… you know… giving himself a treat and perhaps Paisley is not even there! That’s a good wondered! Yay! So it’s not my almost little sister having sex, it’s just her boyfriend. Touching his hard penis. And moaning. Yeah… I don’t know if this is better.
Great. And I have to get up early tomorrow.
Blake moans a little louder and maybe he is close to finishing? I have no idea what a man does when he is close, but that one is probably a good sign, right?
Please, be done with this. Please, be done with this. Please.
Fuck, sexy” I hear Blake panting on the other side of the wall “That was a good one, you’re getting better at this”.
You know what I need? I need thicker walls.
“I barely did anything” she whines. She sounds so small “I think you just really like Anika Green”.
Who the hell is Anika Green? It sounds like a porn star. Are they… watching porn together?
Yeah… I need thicker walls. 2 ft wide concrete walls like a vault at the bank.
“Nah, she is whatever. I like it better when we do the other thing”.
What other thing? You know, if you live in a place with thin walls you might as well not speak in codes, so the other listeners can keep up.
“I like the other thing better too” she purrs “So… you wanna do it? You wanna tell me about Laura?”
Ok. That name I recognise. Isn’t that Blake’s ex?
Why does Paisley want to hear about her boyfriend’s ex while in bed?
And WHY am I still paying attention to this conversation?
Thicker walls, Alexis, that’s what you need.
Walls so big, Ancient China would be proud.
“Nah, I already came”
“But I didn’t…”
“You never do, sexy” he sounds warm, like he is hugging her and stroking her hair “I like it better when you don’t cum. And so do you”
Uh? Excuse me, WHAT?
Alexis! For all that is good and holy, STOP listening to this!
“I guess” she says with a little attitude and I know Paisley enough to know she is smirking right now “That’s part of the fun. You sure you don’t wanna talk about Laura anyway?”
“Nah” he says and I wanna hurt him a little. What’s the issue with saying no. Does it have to be nah every time, Blake?
But he is still talking and I am a curious hypocrite wishing I didn’t want to keep on listening, but now I really do.
“I’m kinda over talking about Laura, sexy. We did that so many times already. I need something new”
“Like Anika Green?”
“Maybe. Or…” he teases and I can picture him smiling, waiting for her to say…
“Or… what?”
“We could talk about Alexis”.
I get up.
From the bed, you know?
Woman standing up.
I don’t remember deciding to get up, but there you have it.
He wants to talk about me?
He is in bed with… this is making no sense. Part of me is mad I at all times put headphones on when he is over. This is my first time listening to them so I have zero context. Is this common? What… what are the two of them doing over there?
“Alexis? I don’t know, Blake. She is like a big sister to me”
“Yeah… but not really?”
“I guess” the smirk again. I can hear the smirk. I can feel the smirk. Crawling in my skin, giving me goosebumps. She wants to talk about me too? What the hell, Paisley?
“She kinda looks like Anika Green, don’t you think?”
Alright, I gotta Google this woman.
“Oh yeah! I think Alex is hotter though”
“Abso-lutely” he takes his time with the word like he is picturing me naked. My cheeks burn in quiet shame.
This is wrong.
This is so wrong.
The Google search shows me exactly what I expected: a porn star.
And what I didn’t expect: she… kinda looks like me?
Skinny and hardly any boobs to speak of. In one of her pictures she even has her long dark hair braided… as I usually wear it.
“Would you like to watch me with her?”
“Blake…” Paisley tries to shame him, but her voice is so sweet she is shaming no one.
What the actual hell is happening over there?
“Tell me, sexy. Would you like to watch me take Alex’s clothes off?”
She takes forever to answer and I am not proud to admit I have my ear pressed so deep into the wall, I’m about to dig a window.
“Yeah… but what else would you do to her”
“All of the things I never let you do” I think he kissed her. And that’s when it hits me.
Paisley likes this.
She likes to watch him with other women.
She likes to be there when he watches Anika Green and touches himself.
And he doesn’t let her cum.
I am a virgin, yeah, but I’m not an idiot living under a rock. I know what kink is.
And I suppose that’s what it looks like. Or sounds like.
“Like what?” She insists “What would you do to Alex? Tell me”
“I’ll tell you what, sexy. Why don’t you make a list of what you want. And I can describe it for you?”
I hear the bed moving. And something weird that sounds like… leather? Maybe? I push my ear harder against the wall and I think I’m going to shut down my circulation in half a minute.
“I’d like to see you make Alex lose control. We once overheard her talking to her friends about this guy she was seeing. He went hard in his jeans and she straddled him. Grinding him. She said it felt good and part of her wanted to take off his pants but she knew better. She always knows better… I wish I could see her…”
“Uh? Alexis?”
I push the wall so fast I drop down.
Blake is in my room.
What the hell is Blake doing in my room.
I should ask him, not you:
“What the hell are you doing in my room?”
“The door was unlocked and a little open. Were you… listening?” He points to the wall and to the obvious fact that, when he walked in, I was attempting to become one with the building.
“What? No. I was not listening to you. Why would I be… listening to what?”
“I never said listening to us” He has this amazing smile.
Blake is handsome. Not the hottest guy in the planet, mind you. But pretty hot.
Very pretty hot.
“Why aren’t you in there with your girlfriend?” I try to sound stern and bossy, but he just caught me listening in to him and his girl watching porn, so I don’t know how much authority I’ll be able to impose here.
“I was getting some water” he answers, staring at me in (what I can only imagine is) the same way he stared at Anika Green. He is checking out my body and he is so smooth about it. I don’t feel offended or exposed. I just feel… seen. And admired. “You wanna come with me for a sec?”
“Where to?”
“I mean, if you were listening to us and…” he goes quiet and we can clearly hear Paisley through the wall saying “I wanna see you fingering Alex until she begs you to take her. She’s been a nice little virgin long enough. I wanna see her virgin blood all over your cock”
Blake picks up his sentence right where he left off “… and I really think that you were” his smile is almost a laugh “Then the decent thing to do is tell Paisley about it, don’t you think?”
“I don’t…”
“You’ve been listening to her deep secrets, uninvited! She has the right to know this from you”
I open my mouth in silent protest.
Damn it, he made me feel guilty.
This was supposed to be a victimless crime, but now Paisley will know I heard. She will feel so bad and embarrassed and I… I want to protect it still. This horrible Big Sister Complex I suffer from. I can’t let Little Ley be embarrassed around me, feeling like she did something wrong. And I definitely don’t want her hearing this from Blake.
I take a deep breath and follow him to her bedroom.
He pushes the door open and that’s when I see her.
Paisley is tied in bed.
No… that’s not an accurate description.
She is bound. Like a criminal set to be tortured. She has thick ropes around her thighs restraining her movements as she lays in bed, completely vulnerable. I can’t see her hands, but her arms are pushed back and the way she barely moves tell me her wrists are also tied. Probably by the same rope going around her torso to squeeze her boobs, which (like mine) aren’t that big to start with.
Her red hair is falling all around her, but seems to have been strategically placed so it doesn’t cover her pale nipples. And she is so skinny! Bones in her hips sticking out, barely any curves about her. She looks like a painting. Like something sacred religious orders would put up on a wall to adore.
Her breasts are naked, like a greek sculpture, but she still has her panties hoovering slightly above her skin, suspended by her pointy hips.
And… she is blindfolded.
“You can come in” Blake says. I freeze at the door while he walks into the room like that is the most typical thing to ever happen ever in history of ever.
“Blake?” She asks “What’s happening?”
“Alexis is here. She wanted to tell you something”
“What?” Paisley shakes in bed, though it seems like she is more trying to squeeze her thighs than escape “What? Blake! Let me go!”
That makes my blood boil and I march to her.
“You heard her! Asshole! Let her go”
“Calm down” he starts undoing some knots and I stop, overseeing his work to make sure he’ll let her go.
“It’s ok, sweetie!” I remove her blindfold “I’m getting you out of here, alright?”
She blinks, her eyes getting used to the light.
Her nipples… look harder now than they did a second ago.
“What are you doing here?” She whimpers.
“She was listening to our talk, through the wall” Blake doesn’t even give me a chance “Weren’t you, Alex? Had her ear so tight against the wall she must have paint all over her earrings”
“I’m sorry” I try to begin but that’s when I notice Blake isn’t releasing her. He is… changing her position. He moved the ropes and knots enough to open her legs. The thick ropes are now around her knees and ankles keeping her spread open like some naughty roasted chicken.
“What the hell are ou doing!” I go for him to help set her free but he holds my wrists.
He is strong.
He grabs me and there is no question I won’t be free unless he wills it.
“This is what she wants”
“Fuck you! Let her go! NOW!”
“She didn’t say all in on black”
I am so confused.
“That’s our safe word. Is she says it’s all in on black, I release immediately. But she didn’t say that. She wants this.” He smiles “You wanna bet? You betting, sexy?” He asks her, giving her a cue to say the so-called safe word.
She gulps slowly and has something horny in her eyes.
“Come here, I’ll explain how it works” he whispers to me before approaching Paisley again. He sinks his finger between her skin and the panties, in the little gap created by her hip bones pushing the fabric up.
He slides his finger in the gap, casually caressing her.
“Come here” he invites, warmly.
I know I need to make a decision right now.
If I go, I go.
But if I stay, I’m saying I’m fine with whatever happens next.
It’s Paisley.
God, we almost grew up together.
I can’t.
I can’t, I really can’t.
And yet, as soon as I move, I notice I’m walking towards him, not away from him.
He smiles cause he noticed that too.
“She likes to watch” he says and I was already suspecting as much “But you’ve been listening to us, so you probably already know that. What you don’t know is that poor little Paisley was never allowed an orgasm”
“That’s impossible” is the first thing I say “You can deny her, I know what kink is! But she doesn’t need you for an orgasm. She can just finger herself in the…”
“Have you, sexy?” He asks her “Have you ever fingered yourself?”
“I tried” she confesses, blushing “I don’t know how to”
“You wanna show her, Alex?” His smile would make the devil proud “You wanna teach your little sister how it’s done?”
“She is not my…
“Whatever. She needs help” he says. And that’s an understatement. Paisley has her nipples hard enough to make icy rocks jealous. She is flushed in a way I’ve never seen her before. There is sweat (which I suspect is cold cold sweat) dripping down her temple. She is panting and moving her hips like she is so ready for sex her body can’t take another second without “Are you gonna help her” he guides me “Cause I’m not… If it’s up to me, she’ll grow old without an orgasm”
That line does something to Paisley.
Her whole body shakes like a wave is taking over her.
“No, Blake, please. Please just do something to me. Let me cum”
“No, I don’t think I will” he says “Maybe you can do it yourself if Alex is willing to teach you”
I can’t get my eyes off of Paisley.
Spread open like that with her tiny boobs squeezed by rough ropes. Flushed and sweating. Begging with infinite moans to be allowed to cum.
“I can’t do this to her…” I whisper, like I have no voice anymore “I can’t, you’re her boyfriend”.
“You don’t understand how much she wants this” he has scissors on his nightstand and he uses them to cut off Paisley’s panties. The innocent piece of fabric is slid open and falls off her body exposing the mound between her legs, glistening with things that a body only produces when sex is either imminent or heavily desired.
It almost looks like drool, doesn’t it? Like the flesh between her thighs is so very hungry, it starts to leak its very own sort of saliva. A thick string forms between her pubes and the falling panties.
I know a woman gets wet. Of course I do.
I get wet myself.
But never like that.
I’ve never seen that much pleasure before.
My turn to gulp.
“Here, I’ll help you” Blake offers me his hand and may God forgive me but I take it.
He guides me to bed, slowly removing my shorts.
I’m pretty skinny myself and he is strong enough to handle me with ease. His hands feel good sliding down my legs. He twirls his finger on the side of my panties.
“Can I take this off?”
I look at Paisley. I think I’m asking permission.
I think I’m waiting for her to go all in on black.
But she doesn’t stop us. It’s the opposite. She looks like she wants to focus on us more than she wants to live, but she is so turned on she is losing control over her body. Her eyes roll to the back of her hard while she fights hard to get them to come back. She doesn’t nothing but pant and beg, moving her hips as if she was being fucked by a ghost.
“Please” is all she says “Please, let me cum. Pleasepleasepleaseplease”.
I can barely find out the individual words. It sounds like crying. It sounds like praying.
And that damn sticky juice that keeps sliding out from between her legs.
“Here” Blake side-sits on the bed facing Paisley and brings me with him. He sits me between his legs and that’s when I notice his hard on against my back.
It’s just like when he was checking me out earlier… he is so smooth and casual, his erection doesn’t bother or offends me. It’s just there. It just is.
“This too?” He holds the bottom of my shirt as if ready to lift it.
“No” I hold on to it, cause I don’t want my boobs out in the open. I’m not exactly proud of them.
I think he knows exactly what my hesitation is cause he kisses my shoulder and says “You sure? I wish I could seem them. I love small and tiny tits, just like yours. Turns me the fuck on”
I shake my head no and he does respectfully let go of my shirt.
“Alright… Pais?” He demands her attention “Alex is gonna show you how it’s done”
“Yes” she begs/cries/prays “Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou”
She changed the word but I feel her agony. And that is the exact word for it: agony.
The poor thing is agonising. I can hear it in her pleads. I can see it in her blushing cheeks. I can smell it in the lust filled air.
Blake helps me keep my legs open. He guides my hands to my slit and keeps his own just above mine. Caressing my almost inexistent pubes as if to keep himself occupied.
“Go for it” he says, with a hoarse voice heavy with want. His free hand is on my right knee, keeping me nice and open. He stares down over my shoulder, enjoying my nakedness. Waiting for me to do something.
“I don’t… know what to do” I say.
“Finger it, lovely” Oh great, I got a nickname too.
“I… I…”
“You don’t know how to finger?”
“I usually use toys”
“Just copy what guys do to you”
“I’m a virgin, Blake”
I can feel his dick going harder in my back. I didn’t really know it was efficient to feel a man’s erection as it enlarges, but it absolutely is.
“For real?” He gasps.
“I thought Paisley was crazy. You’re too hot, there’s no way”
“I’ve had boyfriends. I just never wanted to… you know”
“Oh, what a fucking waste” he moves his hips so his dick will touch me a little “Alright, you want me to show you?”
Well… I already came this far, didn’t I? You don’t drive all the way to Vegas and then say no to the roulette.
I shrug and nod.
“Keep them open, ok?” His whispers are so warm I have trouble breathing. He slides two fingers on my pussy lips to keep them open and his other hand has no difficulty finding my clit.
I know this because he flicks it once, and I jump up like I wouldn’t mind hitting my head on the ceiling.
“Easy” he smirks, holding me down “Paisley?” He sings her name “Are you paying attention?”
“Yes” her voice is so high pitched I think she might actually die. I’ve never seen her turned on before obviously, but this feels like it’s a record breaker.
“Like this” he says, just for me. His hands are large and his fingers are strong. It’s nothing like touching myself before I get to the toys. Nothing. This feels like being fucked by a man. He plays with my clit, then covers my whole pussy with his hand and lets me grind it for a bit before going back to my clit.
I don’t take long to begin riding his finger. And he starts enjoying it even faster.
“Alex” Paisley cries my name “Allie, pleeeease”
I hate seeing her like this.
It takes away the fun of anything else. I wanna cuddle her and protect her. This is not fair.
“Allie, please, please. Finger me? Please. He won’t. Please, I’m begging you, please”
I look at her pussy. It feels intimidating.
Am I just supposed to touch her and then w…
“No. Don’t even think about it” Blake decides holding my arms.
“She needs to cum” I whimper.
“Yeah…” he says with a dry smile “She really does. But she won’t”
Paisley is shaking, bound by the ropes. Convulsing. Like she was possessed.
“Then let him fuck you” she begs “I wanna watch, please”
“Get on your hands and knees” Blake says.
“W-what? Why?”
“Cause I wanna take this fucking virginity of yours right now. I want you to feel my cock inside you, I want you to bleed on it and I want her to watch”
Have you ever had goosebumps inside your pussy? Cause that’s the only way I can describe what’s happening to me right now.
“Unless you wanna go all in on black” he smiles “But you don’t look like the betting type”
I get on my hands and knees feeling my pussy twirl and jump and scream.
“I’m really not” I say.
“Didn’t think so” he says grabbing my hips. His cock is already out and it takes him 2 seconds to rip through me.
And again that’s the exact word for it: ripping me. Slashing me up. I feel him burning inside me and it hurts… until it doesn’t.
Until it really really doesn’t.
I am so wet he slides in without much trouble and as soon as he does, Paisley screams as if she is the one being fucked.
Blake is strong. He humps me so hard I begin to move forward in bed, trying to contain his strikes with a back movement of my own, but it’s impossible and before I know it, I am so close to Paisley I can smell her pussy.
The proximity seems to pain her even more than all the rest. I notice tears running down her cheeks as she bites her lips hard enough to draw blood. Her body still moves, relentlessly. The tremors in her feet, fast as hummingbirds.
My poor Pais… she just needs anything.
“Shh, baby” I cry back trying to help “Look at me”
I have my face almost between her thighs and her boyfriend deep in my pussy.
She looks at me, begging through moans and tears.
“Allie, touch me”
“I will”. It doesn’t matter if it feels weird or intimidating. She needs this. I’ll be damned if I won’t help her.
I put my weight on my elbows so I can caress her legs but that seems to have the opposite effect. I wanted to calm her, my touch makes her explode.
Blake grabs my elbows and I feel the bed disappearing from under me as he keeps me held as if riding a horse. I move my head to the side to complain, but I my lips hit Paisley’s thigh instead.
She is so warm.
And so soft.
Blake fucks me harder. So hard I begin to pant myself.
“I can’t, Allie. I can’t anymore. Please help me. Please. Help”
I can’t help though.
Blake made it clear he won’t touch her.
And I have no control over my hands anymore now that he is holding on to my elbows like that.
All I have is a cock being thrusted in me as if he wants to not only take my virginity, but rather murder it. He moves in an angle and hits this wonderful fucking perfect spot in me. I moan. And then I can’t stop.
Moan after moan.
Pant after pant.
With every strike of his cock I gasp.
My mouth inches away from Paisley, so every time I pant, my warm breath hits her pussy. And that’s much much more than she can take.
My soft breathing hitting her desperately needy pussy, soaked in her own juices. Her stomach goes rigid as she is about to cum.
“Allie. Fuck me. Finger me. Anything. Please.” The words keep leaving her lips like a song. Like a howl.
I got nothing.
Just one thing.
I lean in, sliding my nose against her pussy and catch her clit in my lips.
It’s so thick and round, so ready to be touched and pleased.
I nibble on it. Sucking and tasting her.
I’m locked in my head thinking it shouldn’t taste good, but there’s a weird part of me liking her in my lips more than him in my pussy.
It’s hard to say who appreciated my spontaneous move more: Paisley who screams louder, her body twisting so violently that the ropes begin to crack her skin but she doesn’t even seem to care. Or Blake, who is moaning hard and fucking me harder.
I lick Paisley all the way up and down her slit until she goes quiet. Her mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure and agony, feeling me probably just as much as I feel her.
Leaning like this, my shirt starts to slide up and Blake grabs my stomach. His hands keep inching up and up until he grabs my tits, playing with my nipples. He never removes my shirt like I asked. But his Hans discover me all the same and he feels fucking great there.
His moan as soon as he touches my nipples make me feel hot as fuck.
He’s enjoying my body almost as much as Paisley is enjoying my tongue.
And I give her all of it.
I sink my tongue in. Tongue fucking her. Her muscles tightening as she is overcome with pleasure. Since Blake dropped my elbows to go for my tits, I have my hands again. I rub Paisley’s clit really hard while drinking her in and she explodes on my mouth. With delicious tiny little screams of a woman tasting an orgasm for the first time.
I have her climax in my tongue and that’s enough to push me over the edge as well.
I cum, my pussy grabbing Blake’s dick, pressing it harder as orgasm makes every muscle in my body tense and rigid. He enjoys that immensely.
“Take this off” his time to beg while I am still kissing Paisleys ravaged pussy “Take this off, please. Can I?” He tugs my shirt and I nod, letting him.
Blake removes my shirt and grabs my hips to throw me facing him, side by side with Paisley.
He pulls his cock out of me and fists it hard, taking himself over the edge. He cum, spreading his warm load all over my tits and Paisley’s.
And then it’s over.
Paisley looks like she could fall asleep right now.
Blake falls down beside me, playing with his cum on our tits, rolling it around our nipples almost falling asleep himself.
And me…
I got no idea what happens next.
But I’m so tired right now.
I think I’ll just close my eyes for a bit.
I’ll worry about this tomorrow.
Special thanks to voila who commissioned this one and didn’t mind me posting!
Great brainstorming fun! Hope everyone enjoys it!

NSFW: yes

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