I [F23] had sex with my girlfriend’s [F23] sister [F21] and she watched. – Short Sex Story

Hi there! So this happened to me just a little while ago and things have since gone south between me and my girlfriend. BUT I still think about this quite a bit and l wondered it would be cool to distribute! (;

So I had been dating my girlfriend for about 9 months at this point. Things had been going well. We had found ourselves having sex quite a lot. We both have a high sex drive so it wouldn’t be uncommon for us to finish up a round and then begin the next round again very shortly after. This would go on for hours. The only problem is that I didn’t have a job and lived at home with my homophobic parents. Meanwhile my girl has been in school still and lived with her parents and her sister. So when we had sex we would often discover our way to her place since her family was a lot more lenient and accepting of what we did. Now you can imagine that when we go for so long in a house that we don’t own, it’s bound to raise a bit of concern when we disappear for hours on end. So it wouldn’t be uncommon for someone to knock or try to barge in. Her sister had walked in on us once before and also walked in on me naked one day.

Now the thing about my girlfriend’s sister is that she was at all times with what seemed like a new guy every week. She went through men like a hot knife through butter. And I knew that she slept with a good number of them. But this particular week I had noticed that she hadn’t had any dudes over for a while. Which I found strange. Maybe she had just run out of guys for a bit? Well boy was I wrong.

My girlfriend had finished her classes that day and we were heading to her house to do what we usually do. We pull up and this particular day I was very turned on. When we got to her front door I couldn’t keep my hands off of her and so I pressed my chest to her back and my head on her shoulder. My lips pressed to her cheek and I told her how ready I was for her. She didn’t open the door. She turned and smiled, facing me and we locked lips. I remember the way I pulled at her hips desperately like we hadn’t ever touched before. I remember how her lips tasted like the chapstick she at all times wore. I swear we would’ve gone down on each other right there until I heard her gasp in a way of shock that was like “oh no.” Low and behold I turn around and it’s her sister walking up from the sidewalk. We quickly release each other and step inside. But as we do, her sister speaks up to us and says to me “You don’t have to hide it from me, you know. I really don’t seeing you [insert my name].” This had me a lit baffled. But I mostly shrugged it off thinking she was just trying to be nice.

Fast-forward to later that day. Time had passed to the point that me and my girlfriend had eaten some food, chilled, and fucked for a while. After sex, my girl likes to get a shower and I usually just stay in bed. This time I was sitting up, watching a show on the TV while my girl showered. Nothing felt felt any different than usual. That is until I heard the door open and it was not my girlfriend but indeed her sister. Pretty surprised, I pulled the blankets up over my chest and laid down and quickly told her that her sister was in the shower.
“I’m not here for my sister. I’m here to ask you something.” Without even asking, she walked into the room and sat down beside me on the edge of the bed. I was incredibly confused. “Alright what can I do for you?” She seemed pretty calm all things considered.

It became very obvious that she didn’t have a question when I felt her hand rest on my hip. And even more so when she started rubbing it and looking me in the eyes. Now as guilty as I felt about it at the time, I was already turned on again and it was clear that things were heading this way. She leaned down closer to me and I lifted my head up and our lips locked. She tasted distinctly more fruity and I still savor that flavor. Within seconds, she began to lay on top of me and rolled over to the inside of the bed, which was still damp from me and my girlfriend a little bit before. My hands uncontrollably snaked down her body with one of my hands pulling her thigh up to my hip. I was so turned on. It was like a hunger had taken control of me. We made our hungrily for a while before I rolled over on top of her now, pressing her torso down to the bed. My heart was pounding as I slid my hands down to reach for her shorts. But at this point I was so infatuated with this girl that I didn’t even notice the sound of the shower turning off a few minutes before. And by the time I had started grabbing her shorts, that’s when karma decided to be a bitch and strike. Sister sounded just like my girlfriend when it came to gasping. I look over my shoulder and I see my girlfriend standing in the doorway with a towel over herself. She was still dripping with water. A jaw that couldn’t be any closer to the floor. I froze. Her sister froze. And we didn’t say a word for a solid 30 seconds. All I managed to mumble out was an “I…” and by this point there was no lying or trying to convince of her anything otherwise. Her sister eventually tried to say something and explain but… my girlfriend didn’t act shocked for long. It was now at this point when she huffed and said that she’s not surprised. Apparently her sister had been asking about me and looking at me for a while and she figured it was only a matter of time. My heart was racing and I could tell by her sister’s cheeks that her’s was too. And that’s when she said it.

“Well… you’re here. Nothing is going to change. Might as well get the job done.” This… was really surprising honestly. And at first I wondered she was joking but she wasn’t. And it took a minute to realize that she was 100% serious. She came into the room, closed the door, and leaned on it, patiently waiting. And I hesitantly continued. I pulled her sister’s shorts and panties down and I tossed them to the side of the bed and looked at my girlfriend for approval but was met with a straight face. I looked back at her sister, who at this point was so shy, she had shrunken her head down in her shoulders. I remember pressing my lips to her stomach, working my way down and to the inside of her thighs. Each kiss making me look back into my girl’s eyes, who was still just staring me down. I kept it up. My fingers glided up and down her sister’s wet folds before I eventually slid my finger in. For someone I wondered was moving on to the next dude every week, she was surprisingly tight. I scooted my body off the edge of the bed and started to finger her and press my tongue against her all without interjection. And there was never any sign to stop. I fucked her sister. When we finished up, her sister quickly shuffled out of the room and didn’t do me. Which at this point I was okay with because I was incredibly freaked out about what my girlfriend was going to do or say. We didn’t talk about it right then. It was actually really quiet after that for a while.
We discussed it later. She said she didn’t want it to happen again but she’s glad that tension was over with.

We have since broke up and I have had no communication with her or her sister. But that moment will forever live rent-free in my head.

NSFW: yes

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