I (F20’s) am being initiated on sleep play by someone I hate (SLEEP PLAY)

Ok, you’re going to have to try to keep up with me here, cause a lot happened. Some of it was weird, most of it was fun. And then it was over, but now maybe it’s not?
I need to slow down.
I need to take you back to the beginning.
This happened a while ago, around early 2020 when everyone was going on lockdown, COVID was raging and rich people were singing Imagine from their jacuzzis. I was out of the country for school but my classes got temporarily suspended and as a consequence so did my visa.
Back home I went, to live with mom for a while until I could go back to college. At this point I was 21… almost 22 years old. Now, mom was never the most emotionally stable person to start with and lockdown sure made it worst. She had a weird life, a weird boyfriend and a weird car; this will all be crucial later so don’t forget.
Anyway, I come home and figure out that:
1- My mom actually married the weird boyfriend and no, she didn’t tell anyone about it
2- They are now living together
3- They had no idea I was coming home (even though I spoke to her about this four times and sent north of twenty emails regarding my visa problem)
4- Since they are both over 50, they wondered it would be better not to be alone during lockdown
5- They didn’t know I was available (I’ll refer you back to point 3) and asked Trevor (mom’s weird boyfriend’s son) to move in with them indefinitely
6- Trevor cancelled his lease and moved in… to my fucking room.
Are you with me? Perfect.
I am not some pushover babydoll who can’t handle men and put them in their place, something Trevor had to learn pretty quickly. He had to convert mom’s office and shove a bed in there cause I wasn’t sharing my room.“This isn’t some cheap porno” is what I wondered, but boy was I wrong.
Trevor was almost 25 at this point. He had a job (remote cause of lockdown) but couldn’t discover a decent place to live in a hurry, so he stayed.
And ok! I did notice he was handsome. I did notice he was hot. Those innocent baby blue eyes and that bad boy smirk would be a dangerous combination to any straight woman even if he wasn’t deliciously fit with some nice tattoos. Which, of course, you guessed it: he was.
At first it was fine. Or almost. I mean, me and mom get along fine I guess. Her boyfriend, Charlie, is weird but he stays out of my way. The problem was Trevor. Fucking Trevor.
We didn’t get along.
We have different world views and there are only so many times I can scream at an idiotic sexist asshole before I begin losing my mind. I though he was hot on day one, when I could only judge his looks. But by then, it was day #22 and I would never, EVER, FUCKING EVER let someone who says “not all men” get ANYWHERE near my pussy.
But his stupid remarks weren’t even my greatest issue with Trevor.
My issue were his “escapades”.
The man COULD NOT keep his fucking dick zipped in.
He HAD to go out. It was a lockdown. People were dying. Our parents were in the risk group. But can Trevor go without sex for one damned week?
Nooooo. Too much to ask. Of course.
That’s how I became the sex police. I would stay up, I would lock the doors, I would steal his keys. Did I like it? No. But did I do it? Oh, you better believe it.
I hated him and he hated me right back.
I hated sharing a bathroom with him, I hated his wet towels everywhere, I hated the noise he made when he chew, I hated his smug fucking smile, I hated how my mom at all times took his side, I hated him.
And I’m am COMPLETELY sure he hated me.
There were days when we would sigh in frustration just for crossing each other down the hall.
At least he stopped fighting me and wouldn’t go out to fuck anymore.
Instead he would stay in, subscribe to some girl’s Only Fans and wank it every other night.
As long as he wasn’t risking our parents lives, I didn’t care and… he was nice to listen to.
We distribute a paper thin wall and Trevor is LOUD when he jerks off. Like most men should be, you know? I at all times hated quiet man in bed. A man who can moan and let me know he is liking it is hot as fuck.
And, truth be told, that was Trevor.
He had this very distinct low growl every time he started touching himself. This sexy manly grunt, like he was unloading some heavy weight from his shoulders. And from there on it only got hotter. I could hear the sound of skin beating skin while he fucked his fist. His shallow breath. His moans. He would plead and command, like he was talking to someone.
And I wish I could just put on my earphones and forget he existed but I’ve been without sex as well and he was so good to listen to.
I couldn’t stop myself.
No one had to know!
So I would sit with my back against our shared wall, I would put my panties down and I would tease myself listening to this sexist idiot moan while I pretended he was fucking me.
The first night I did that, orgasm was so powerful I wondered it was going to rip me aside. I had to bite my lip so hard it bled, and I’m not entirely sure I didn’t scream.
It was delicious and it became a habit.
I would hear his grunt in the middle of the night and my pussy would get wet in a second. Like I was a trained little bitch getting aroused on command.
Four months went by.
And Trevor was getting more and more frustrated.
There was no vaccine in sight, no end for the lockdown, no good rent options after he gave up his flat and porn wasn’t cutting it for him anymore. It was a Thursday night and our parents were asleep when he knocked on my door.
“Tess?” He let’s himself in. I HATE it when he does that.
“Don’t you fucking knock?”
“I did!”
“You’re supposed to wait until someone tells you to get in”
“Oh my fucking God, are you gonna bust my balls over this? I’m already in. You want me leave and knock again?”
“I want you to knock properly next time”
“I will”
“You won’t” I scold, cause history has taught me he can’t listen.
“What the fuck is your problem with me?”
“Tonight or in general?”
He bites his lip and mutters to himself so I can barely hear him:
“One of these days I’m gonna spank that delicious ass of yours so hard, you’ll shut up”
“What did you say?”
“Nothing. Can I talk to you?”
“Aren’t you already?”
He rolls his eyes hard, holding his breath like he can’t stand me for one more second.
“You’re the most annoying fucking bitch I ever met, you know that?”
“Was that it? Great talk.”
“No, that was not it. I came to talk to you about sex” he closes my door and I let out a spontaneous laugh.
“Uh… no, thank you” I smirk.
He slams his hand against my dresser in frustration. It’s not violent or scary, as he is neither. I mean, he has plenty of faults, don’t get me wrong… but never violent or scary. He slams his hand down like he needs an outlet for all his pent-up sexual desire and it’s really fucking hot.
It’s the way he hits the dresser.
Makes me think it wouldn’t be too bad if that slam was on me.
“Don’t hit my things!” I say, but my mouth is a little dry and my pussy is a little wet.
“You cannot possibly be ok with this arrangement”.
“And what arrangement would that be?”
“Not having sex for months? Look… You’re as irritating as an itch under the balls that won’t go away. Literally like someone has been pinching my nuts for four straight months, without letting go”
“Aww, you too. Your point?”
“My point is that you’re hot. Even if I hate you and think you are the AntiChrist, I can’t deny you have the nicest looking ass and some really juicy looking tits”
I would stop him. I really would.
He is being crass, rude and inappropriate. But… just like the slam on the dresser, the way he says those things about me, with heavy eyelids and unstable breathing, like he is ready to jump on the bed and fuck me with our clothes on.
“You must have sex often” he continues “I’m not sure it’s good sex, as you’re a stuck-up bitch, but I’m sure it’s often. Whenever you want, at the very least. And four months of abstinence can’t be easy on you, just like it’s not easy on me”
“You’re not proposing what I think you’re proposing?”
“Yes, I am. It’s just sex. Just a direct exchange. I’ll let you use me as dildo, you let me use you as fleshlight. We don’t care about each other. I just need a warm hole to dump some cum in, once in a while”
“Do you even listen to yourself?” I complain but my pussy is burning like it wants to say yes to things I only ever say no “Do you think any woman would say yes to that?”
“Stop being such a priss, will you? I can hear you flicking your clit every night when I’m beating my meat”.
“W… WHAT?”
“Oh, yeah. Look outraged. That’s gonna fly” he rolls his eyes “This is a very thin wall and I can hear you moaning, smashing your wet puss and whispering dirty words. I stopped using porn a while back. Lately I just stroke myself to your moans, you know? Like you do me?”
“I most certainly do not do…”
“Save it for someone who’ll believe you. I’m not asking for much, Tess. You scratch me, I scratch you. We never have to talk about it, no one needs to know. And maybe we both survive locked in this house another month”.
It would be nice to… scratch.
It’s been a while.
He is a bleeding idiot, but he is hot.
It would be really nice to scratch.
“What makes you think I don’t already have a dildo?”
“You’ve been masturbating to my moans for weeks. If I gave you my dick, you’d take it”.
I wanna say no out of spite, but I instead what I say is:
“You can fuck me while I sleep”
He is immediately taken aback.
Yeah, Tess, WHAT?
“I mean” I cross my arms in front of me, intentionally making my boobs pop just a bit “I don’t like you, Trevor, I don’t wanna see you touching me. Sex would be good, yes, but I don’t wanna have to deal with you”.
“Let me get this straight” he treads, carefully, like a CEO trying to get a hold of his new business’s finances “You’re telling me that I can walk into your room, take of your clothes, touch you whatever I want and put my cock inside your pussy until I cum… while you are sleeping?”
“Yes. As long as you don’t wake me up, you can do whatever you want”
“Tess” he starts, with a gigantic grin across his face like Alice is about to rise up from a bush and ask him why is everyone here crazy. Well, I don’t know, Alice! But it sure looks like I am! “Is this an old fantasy of yours? Am I helping you fullfil a fetish of some kind?”
I am a feminist.
I am in charge of my life.
But whenever I am alone, those are the erotic short stories I like to read. The ones where the woman is taken benefit of while she is fast asleep.
But I’m not about to tell him that.
“No. I just don’t want to see you touch me”
“You sure that’s not a kink for you, baby? Cause if it is…” he groans, as if trying to stop an erection though not really “If that’s the kind of thing you like, I can oblige”.
“It’s not the kind of thing I like. Don’t call me baby. And if you keep trying to turn this against me, the deal goes away”.
“You know I really like them bratty”
“Who’s them?”
“The women I fuck. I like them to be bratty. I like to tame them”.
“You want to tame me?” I laugh “Well, good fucking luck”.
“Thank you, baby” he says, just to piss me off “We’re gonna need a safe word”
“No, we don’t. You’ll walk in, fuck me while I sleep and get out”.
“Yeah, but now that I know you like that shit, what if you want more?”
“I won’t”
“I’m thinking Red just to keep it easy?”
“I don’t need a safe word! I am not into kinky hardcore stuff”
“Of course not. You just like to be hate fucked while you’re unconscious”.
“Red is fine” I decide to end the conversation already “Now get out”.
“What are you doing?”
“Watching a movie”
“No, you’re not” he unplugs my tv from the socket and turns off my lights “You are going to sleep, and do it fast please. All this hate fucking talk has me hard”
“You’re starting TONIGHT?” I ask but he is long gone.
And in his advantage, it has to be said: he waited a full hour before coming back.
I’m not asleep yet, but I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep at all. So I just lay perfectly still, breathing quietly, pretending to be asleep so I can see what happens next.
I have my back turned against the door, but I can hear him walking in and closing the door behind him. I wait for him to touch me. I wait for him to do something. But for the first minute he just stands there watching me “sleep”. Maybe he is trying to find out if I really am out or not. Or maybe he is already touching himself. I don’t know. And I can never know cause that would require opening my eyes and admiring that I am awake.
The bed wobbles when he sinks his knee in it to remove my covers ever so slowly. I am wearing a top and really short PJ shorts, the kind that are likely to leave half my ass out in the open and which I may or may not have changed into after our conversation.
His touch is cold and I almost shiver. I think I heard him smirk, but I can’t be sure. His fingers slide up the back of my thigh all the way up to my short.
“Fuck” he whispers so gently that, were I asleep, it would not have woken me upon “I don’t even know what I wanna do to your first”. But it looks like he does, cause he grabs the bottom part of my PJ and tugs on it, pulling it down and out of his way “Fuck me, look at this ass” I can hear him salivating.
Pretending to be asleep is hard, but it’s turning me on to the point where my pussy is being converted into a fucking waterfall. I try to stay very very still, but it’s like Trevor is trying to get a reaction out of me with every move and every word.
“You know I wanted to push my cock into your ass the night we met?” He whispers, still as if he didn’t want to wake me “You were so pissy, trying to outsmart me. Then you bent over to get something under the counter and I thought if I had my cock up your ass, you’d be far easier to tolerate. Let’s see if that’s true” he has his hand between my thighs, patting my pussy like it’s a cat he just adopted “You said I could do anything I wanted. Does that mean anal? Cause that’s what I want right now. Haven’t had an ass in a while”
I don’t move. My heart skips a beat cause as far as that goes I’m still a virgin. But I don’t think he’s going to fuck my ass on day one so I keep quiet.
“But on the other hand…” he licks the fingers he had in my pussy before putting them back. He strokes me a few times until his fingers are damp with pussy juice and lick them again. As soon as he is done, he starts over. Like he is eating me. One lick at a time. I have his saliva all over my slit.
Trevor lays down behind me and his cock is against my butt cheeks. His pants mush me down cause what I feel is skin on skin. His arms, his chest, his legs. And his erection. It’s poking me as if it really wanted to skip everything else and go straight for my ass.
His hand is still caressing my pussy though. Trying to grab my very neatly trimmed pubes with his hungry fingers.
He moves like he wished he could enjoy me slower, but he is so horny he can’t hold on for long.
“Let’s see those tits” he pulls my shirt up really carefully not to disturb my sleep “Yes, baby, just like that. Let’s see these juicy looking tits” he drools on the words when my boobs go free. “Fuck” he mutters a bit too loud, as if that one actually slipped “I’m gonna bite those fucking tits so hard my dentist will know you’re mine. But that’s tomorrow, baby”.
Why tomorrow? Why not now? I almost ask.
I am wet and horny, starting to need the cock and the spanking.
Tomorrow, I’ll pretend none of this ever happened. Tomorrow, I’ll pretend I was fast asleep and didn’t even notice he fucked me. I can pretend we did all this just cause he is a neanderthal that can’t go without sex, so we just did this to keep him calm and in lockdown, it wasn’t for me! I don’t need this! I don’t need sex and I don’t need him! That’s how I intend to play it. But it will be a bit harder if I am longing for his teeth around my nipples. So I’d rather he just did that now.
“Spread your legs for me” he says. I don’t move. His grin and chuckle are warm in my ear and he spreads my legs himself “You didn’t say if I could cum inside, but I’m clean so I’ll assume I can. Stop me if I’m wrong”.
That’s all he says before he fucks me.
He moves his hips like he is no hurry, but grabs mine like he could cum any second.
His cock is nice and thick, throbbing all the way in and out while he thrusts into me with passion and a hint of rage.
His moans sound so much better when there is no wall between us. I can feel the want in his harsh voice asking me to move just a little, calling me baby, calling me names, promising to put me on my knees.
I can only hear half of it. My mind flutters as pleasure takes a hold of me. His breath in my ear, his hands sliding away from my hips to caress my pussy… my clit. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. I don’t know if I can pretend to be asleep anymore.
I squirm just a little, trying to play it off as restless sleep but the orgasm is right there and my thighs are convulsing around it. It’s been four months since I had a hot blooded man inside my pussy and fuck if Trevor isn’t owning it.
His moans become more urgent and he brushes his fingers on my clit, playing me like a guitar.
I can’t. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.
I climax, shivering and trembling. My lips feel numb, my pussy is sore.
He sinks his cock in all the way down to his balls and with a last growl he cums, feeling me up and biting my ear.
“Still gonna pretend to be asleep?” He laughs.
I don’t say a word.
Fuck it. He can’t know I’m awake. He can guess, but I won’t confirm it so he won’t know for s…
“You understand I know you’re awake, right?”
I don’t respond so he pinches my clit really tight so I let out a groan of pain. Only it sounds more like pleasure. And since I am severely enjoying this pinch, maybe it is actually only pleasure.
“Oh, do you like this? Fuck, Tess. You like some hardcore kinky shit”
I am still squirming and moaning. His grip is so fucking delicious it turns me on again and I’m not sure I’d need much to cum again.
“Good girls are the worst ones, aren’t they? Don’t worry, baby, I can give you what you need. We’ll get you spanked and humiliated in no time”
“I don’t like that stuff” I growl, stubborn.
“You don’t like this” his grip gets so tight I might lose my clit.
I wanna say I don’t. But instead all I can moan is “I do, IdoIdoIdo”.
“Atta girl”.
“Let me go!” I complain, realising I am losing all control. He obeys me with a smile.
“I said I was gonna fuck your ass by the way, you didn’t even flinch. Is that on the table?”
“I… well… no” I say, but even I have trouble believing me.
“Ok, so it’s on the table then?” He laughs yet again “God, I’m gonna love fucking you in the ass. This lockdown just got so much better” he spanks me jokingly before getting up.
“I said no”
“You have to say red, remember? Are you gonna say red to my cock inside your sweet ass?”
His grin makes me want to punch him. But I don’t say red and he notices.
“You and me are gonna have a lot of fun, baby” he winks before leaving my room “You’ll be my obedient little toy in no time”.

NSFW: yes

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