I (F19) took my bestie’s brother’s virginity on his 18th birthday

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I’ll call him Jake and my bestie Sarah (fake names). So we were a trio ever since we were little but ofc as life goes by, me and Sarah spent more time together and became besties. I still hunged out with Jake

So a few months ago it was his birthday, and before his bday by a week or two, his gf broke up with him and apparently he didn’t tell his family, only me. And he said that he was excited for their first time ..etc , he looked really down.

So on his birthday, I got there early to help with preparing for the small party, and he still looked sad and so to lift his mood for the rest of the night, I wondered I should give him his gift early <3 – so I took him apart and gave him like a lil coupon (it was literally just a paper lmao) and that I’ll be his first time whenever he wants, gave him a kiss on the cheek and he looked SO happy n hugged me.

Guests came, the party was really nice and after everyone left my bestie asked me to stay over and spend the night with them, I agreed. As we were cleaning up, Jake came up to me and gave me the coupon back, he looked shy which was so cute lol and we basically agreed to meet late night.

Me and Sarah went to “sleep” but I didn’t actually sleep, I was up and after she slept , I messaged Jake if he’s still up. He said yes and I went over to his room very quietly, he let me in. At first he looked a bit nervous so to ease him up we just chatted at first and laughed and he made the first move. I took off my top and he was so excited playing with my tits and sucking on them. I gave him a quick blowjob before i taught him a few things about how to play around a girl’s 🐱 and tease to get her more wet and he was good.

He fucked me good as I was laying on my back and my tits were bouncing as he railed me. Until he pulled out and finished all over my tummy and tits, he came so much. Then I gave his cock a few blows before kissing it and said *”happy birthday Jakey”* and then I cleaned up before we dressed up. He hugged me afterwards and said goodnight to each other.

I went back to Sarah’s room and thankfully she was still asleep lol.

NSFW: yes

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