I (F19) fucked best friend of my brother after years of teasing him

Since that one time I had been thinking about it a ton and have been kinda craving more of him.
Well, I finally had my chance.
Kyle and my brother had been up all night playing video games or doing some other dumb stuff idk I could hear them all night, so of course Kyle slept over. I get up pretty early, so I was very surprised to hear the shower going when I opened my door this morning. I walked over and peeked in my brother’s room and my twin was sound asleep, he’d probably sleep all day considering how late I heard them up. Knowing there was no one else home, I decided to be a little risky and see where I could take things today. I put on some sexy workout clothes. Some small tight shorts and a sports bra and decided to do some stretches. I have worn these many times before and I knoww he likes them. All the time staring at me when I come back from a run.
My room is directly across from the bathroom, so when Kyle got out of the shower he would have a perfect view of my ass bent over for him. The idea of him seeing me like this was almost too exciting. I wanted to just begin playing with myself right then but I knew I had to wait. I heard the shower turn off and knew my time was coming soon. My heart started beating I was so nervous. I don’t even know why! Like I literally sucked this boy’s dick earlier this week. I positioned myself just inside my room and got on my hands and knees to do some light stretches. Maybe it wasn’t the worst idea to get a little loose. My ass bent over and pointed directly at where he would come out. I felt like such a slut but I just couldn’t wait for his reaction.
Finally I heard the door open behind me but I didn’t hear any footsteps. I looked back and sweet sweet Kyle was just standing there completely naked with just his towel wrapped around his body. His mouth slightly open he looked frozen. It was sooo hott to see him like that.
I smiled at him and said “oh hii kyle you’re up very early” I could see him blushing. He said “well that worked out pretty well didn’t it” and smiled back. Oh my godd he was getting more confident. Now I was the one blushing. I turned around so now I was on my knees facing him kinda bent over so he had a great view of me. Instantly I got flashbacks of the last time. He must have been standing there for like thirty seconds but he was already rock hard. Seeing his dick pushing against the towel with his still kinda dripping wet body just standing there gawking at me made me feel so special. I couldn’t withstand him any longer.
I told him to come in right now. I tried to be more subtle but there was no point. We both knew what we wanted and there was no point in hiding that anymore. I was done teasing.
I swear he skipped as he went across the hall into my room. Oh my godd he was so cute. I told him to close the door and he glanced over into my brother’s room real quick looking a little hesitant before finally giving in to my request. I smiled at him and told him not to worry about that. I told him to come closer and now he was standing directly in front of me looking soo damn cute. I looked up at him and smiled, not breaking eye contact as I pulled the towel away from him. His pretty dick sprung out from under and I finally looked away from his eyes and gave him a little peck on the tip.
He whimpered.
I licked up and down his big dick, rubbing my hands on his thighs, feeling him shudder. I started stroking him and his dick looked so big with my little hand around it. One last lick from the bottom of his shaft to the tip and I took him in my mouth. Fuuuck why did I wait so long to do this. I bobbed up and down trying to make up for lost time and trying to out do my last performance.
He was loving every second.
Unlike the last time, he was very handsy. I wondered it was so cute feeling him play with my hair. He started talking to me, just whispering but ohh it turned me on. He called me gorgeous, told me how lucky he was and how he had been thinking of me non stop.
That was all I needed.
I stood up slowly and he asked me what was wrong. I looked at him and kissed him on the forehead and then turned around getting on my knees again, but this time with my ass facing him. I looked back and smiled at him, and I very directly told him he better take my shorts off. He looked like he was in shock. The look on Kyles face was just that of pure excitement and wonder. I felt so so grateful to have such a sweet boy to please. I was so wet I knew that he had to be able to see my dripping pussy from through the shorts. He yanked them down very rough, like I was kinda surprised they didn’t rip.
Without asking, he got down on his knees and gave me a kiss on each cheek before licking from the bottom of my pussy all the way to my asshole. Ughh his touch made me even hornier. I ripped my top off, letting my tits hang. I had no idea that was efficient but I needed more. He went to work, and I couldn’t believe that he had never done this before. I felt the buildup of excitement all over my body, like a volcano just begging to erupt. It felt like I was jumping out of an airplane. I don’t know where it came from but I knew what I wanted so so badly.
“kyle I need you to fuck me right now”
No hesitation, no response, I felt his warmth as he placed his dick across my ass, his balls touching my dripping pussy. He slowly pulled back and lined his tip to its new home. With the waves of pleasure running through my body I was so excited for him to take me. He pushed in, moaning as inch by inch of his gorgeous dick entered my wet tight hole. I gasped he was so incredible.
“you feel soo fucking good amelia”
I don’t think words came out when I tried to reply, just a whimper as he stretched me out. I felt him throbbing inside of me, the walls of my vagina hugging his cock. You know those like oddly satisfying videos where things just kinda perfectly fit haha idk why my mind went to that but that is how I felt. I couldn’t tell you how long we were going, it was like time stopped. Just him holding on to my thighs, grunting, whispering sweet sweet things as he fucked me from behind. I laid my head on the floor I didn’t have the strength to hold myself up anymore.
“I’ve wanted this for soo long” he whispered into my ear
He slapped my ass and I whimpered. Waves of pleasure thrashing through my body I felt like such a slut. I said kyle pull my hair and he called me a good girl. I don’t know where this was coming from. He collected my hair with both hands, dick still sliding in and out of me, and pulled. My head being yanked back, me on my hands and knees panting like a dog, tears in my eyes with this sweet sweet boy having his way with me I completely melted. Completely brain dumb. I started moaning loudly, I didn’t even think about anyone hearing. From my head to my toes I started shaking, twitching, begging, I let out a final “fuuuuck” before I finally lost it, spasming, the volcano finally erupted, and I screamed.
And he didn’t sstopp.
He yelped, breathing so heavy, moaning loudly now and with again no warning let go of my hair, making my head fall to the ground. He grabbed both my hips and pushed into me deep. I felt his dick harden even more, felt the mind-melting feeling of his throbbing cock inside of me as he came. And he came hard. Like six or seven pulses of cum I felt warm my insides. Without taking it out, he collapsed on top of me breathing heavy. The feeling of his warm sweaty body, dick still hard as a rock inside of me; I felt so warm, so dirty, so loved.
I giggled, and he chuckled too and slowly removed himself from me, standing up. I rolled over on my back, looking up at Kyle towering over me, his dick dripping with a mixture of my juices and his cum, grinning like it was Christmas morning. I was just blushing. I giggled again and told him he should probably take another shower. And just like that he picked up his towel and walked out of my room, leaving my door open behind him.
Sorry this one was long but I just had to describe everything because I can’t get any of the details out of my h

NSFW: yes

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