I (F18) was the judge at a dick rating contest


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As wild as the title sounds lol, let me take you back nearly a year ago, when i was 18 and i was invited to a party.


Usually i don’t like parties, unless it’s someone’s birthday or something so i wasn’t thinking about going. Now, one thing to keep in mind is, there was 3 guys in my class who kept arguing about who’s bigger for about a month before this party and i know this because they’re not quiet about it when they talk🙂🙃

Anyways, just two days before the party i still wasn’t planning on going but a few of my friends dragged me to it lol, so i decided to go. The day came, i put on a cute mini skirt, a crop top and went there having no idea on what’s about to happen.


The party went fine ig, but there wasn’t anything wild up until near the end of it. I snuck upstairs because i wondered it would be a quieter place for me to speak on my phone, but the person i was calling wasn’t picking up. Before i go back down, i heard people talking from one of the rooms, and as nosy as i am, i overheard them talking and it was the same 3 guys and still about who’s bigger, i then walked in and told them that i overheard. They all went red lol, so i suggested for them a ”dick rating contest” to see who’s finally the biggest and they can shut up about it. They were against it since they no one wanted to pull out their pp infront of the other guys, so i told them that I’ll be the judge and they laughed, wondered i was joking …… but then they saw i’m not and they were in.


I told them i’ll stay in the room and they can walk in, one after the other and i’ll rate them honestly. So i sat on the bed and shortly after, one of the guys came in and was a little nervous but to ease him up, we talked about whatever and just chatted until he was less anxious about it. He pulled out his cock and he was semi hard so as the judge, i felt like it’s my duty to give him a little stroke and he got rock hard as soon as i touched it lol. After a quick ‘inspection’ i rated him a 9 🙂 – He was smiling so wide lol.


He went out and the second guy came in, he was already hard when he pulled it out. His cock was nearly the same girth as the one before, but slightly shorter, i still rated him a 9 🙂 before he went out i asked him about the noise outside because i can hear a lot of people talking and i wondered it would only be the 4 of us, apparently, every guy who was in the party was standing outside the room 🙂. It did feel so fucking hot tbh but also i didn’t have the time lol, i told him to just let the third guy in and that’s it.


He went out and the last guy came in, He was also semi hard but a little stroke was enough to get him rock hard, he was bigger than them both but just by a little bit and i also rated him a 9 🙂 – after he walked out, i then walked out and walking through at least a dozen guys looking at me, knowing i was just here to rate cocks was so FUCKING hot and btw the 3 guys got to feel and touch my boobs <33. The 3 main guys kept following me all the way down so that i tell them one winner, i wasn’t really gonna say because for me, a cock is a cock lol but then i told them the first guy is the winner. I said that because he’s more shy and was anxious about it so i knew this would boost his confidence 🙂 but they still weren’t happy and wanted a rematch ………

NSFW: yes

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