I (F18) regularly have sex with my dads best friend (M41), and have been for years now

Hi! This is my first time posting here, so be nice pls!

Anyway, you read the title lol

So, my name is Beth and well call my dads friend Mark. I’ve known Mark since I was like 6, and have at all times had a good relationship with him, but when I was 14 (when I first started getting boobs lol) his demeanor kind of.. changed when he was around me.

I cant lie I was at all times quite attracted to him, hes 6’5 and big and muscly, and I at all times imagined his cock would be enormous (it is btw).

Anyway, when I was 14 he started to come onto me but was quite subtle, although I kinda knew immediately, and kinda came onto him as well. Nothing much happened when I was 14, but when I turned 15 he got me this superrr skimpy and slutty bathing suit, and I loved it hehe :3

One time when I was 15, it was me and him alone in the kitchen and I totally rubbed my butt up against his cock (already pretty hard btw lol) and kinda wiggled a little, making him grunt and moan under his breath. This got me extremely horny, feeling his semi hard cock up against my butt and hearing him grunt out of pleasure.

Still nothing happened, really sexually at least, until I was 16 and he came over and he was just extra sexy that day, because I invited him up to my room, to “show him something I made”, and as soon as the door closed I grabbed his big meat sausage and heard him grunt and blush slightly. He tried to push me away, but I wouldn’t let go, and after a minute I got down onto my knees and started to suck his big cock. It was pretty much my first time sucking dick, so I wasn’t very good yet, but I could tell he was enjoying it a lot.

After maybe 5 mins of sucking him, I looked up in his eyes and said “you gonna ruin me now, daddy?” In the sluttiest voice I could manage. Not like he needed much convincing though, as he immediately picked me up and bent me over my bed, practically tearing my leggings to get at me. He didn’t even put on a condom, he just rammed his cock deep inside my tight pussy and pounded the shit out of me for like 10 mins, until he came all over my ass, and thanked me for that, saying he had been waiting for that for a long time.

Anyway, now I meet him pretty much every weekend and let him do whatever he wants to me!

Thanks for reading!

P.S forgot to mention that hes married lol!

NSFW: yes

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