I (f18) got fucked at my school orientation – Short Sex Story

For orientation at my college they split people into teams, and I had the luck of being put in a group (of like 12 people) with a sexy company major, and we hit it off right away. We flirted back and forth and he hinted that we could meet after lights out to spend some time alone together. Me being the horny slut that I am😜, accepted, and met him at the dorm he was staying in ( our orientation is 2 days so students get to sleep in their own dorm for the night) , and after a quick hello he went for it and kissed me, I then kissed him back and everything escalated until he had me on my knees with my tongue out recieving his load. It was definitely one of the best fucks I’ve had, so I cannot wait until I see him again in the fall😘

NSFW: yes

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