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I was simply doing the dishes when my roommate decided to fuck. I’m rinsing a dish one minute, and the next I’m being snatched up and bent over the counter.

My feet don’t even touch the floor because I’m bent at the waist and leaning against the kitchen counter. He shoves his cock into my pussy, barely allowing me to acclimate to his size; I’m glad I’m already wet. He grabs my hips as he pounds into me, preventing me from being pushed into the counter’s edge. My arms are attempting to support me while he clutches and manipulates me.

As he cums inside me, he doesn’t bother to pull out. I’m scooped up and placed in front of the sink again. My legs don’t feel like they’re there, and I support myself against the sink. He’s gone as quickly as he came, leaving me to do dishes with cum dripping down my leg.

Maybe I’ll make myself some cum right then and there, or maybe I’ll wait till the dishes are done.

This is how my life has turned out, and I adore it.

NSFW: yes

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