I (F18) accidentally squirted next to a family reunion.

i was supposed to meet a hookup, well he never showed.

leaving me with a throbbing pussy and in a slutty bikini, showing too much ass and titties than needed in broad daylight.

i decided i’d fuck myself as soon as i got the “something came up” text.

i walked down the beach to a secluded spot, receiving stares by old pervs, disapproving mothers, and those driving down the beach. once there, i sat on top of a rock, right above the sand.

i began rubbing my clit, pulling out my nipples and yanking them so they’d be nice and perky for my invisible audience. i kept going, until i noticed the sound of people and music getting louder.

thinking it was just people walking by, or cars driving while people are walking; i continued fucking my cunt, listening to the sounds of the beach, and my wet pussy.
i kept having the invading noise of people yelling distract me, yet i wondered nothing of it.

drilling my cunt was more essential at the time.

eventually, i finally squirted.
this was caused by spreading my cunt and trying to fit 3 fingers in, while barely rubbing my g-spot – causing a river onto the sand below me.

i sat for a few minutes rubbing my clit, and quickly teasing my fingers in and out; trying to be even more of a slut and squirt twice.

i pulled my bikini back, fixed my nipples, and came out of my hiding spot after a failed second orgasm.

coming about 6 feet out, i saw a giant, family cookout next to me.
i knew this, since there was a giant fucking banner saying “2023 reunion (last name)’s”

immediately embarrassed i sprinted back to my car, the family saw me, but probably wondered i was being chased by something due to how fast i ran 😭

NSFW: yes

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