I [F] was overcome by my closest buddy till I squirted [18F]

I was studying for an exam at my closest friend’s house a few months back when she decided it would be humorous to begin tickling me.
One of her hands unintentionally brushed up against my inner thigh while I was chuckling, and I almost instantly ran the danger of ruining my underwear. It was quite fulfilling! She started tickling my armpits with one hand while running her fingers over the inside of my leg with the other, clearly sensing an opening.
She eventually removed my underwear and began running her fingers up and down my wet pussy as I trembled and groaned. My body struggled against the want to laugh and the need for more, even though I was making both sounds. When I finally lost it and spit all over her hand and my thigh, she inserted two fingers inside of me and ran her other hand down my bare back.
It was quite fulfilling! I like how she made me feel frail and a bit naughty.

NSFW: yes

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