I [F] was freeusing for another man while my cuckolded spouse was at home [20F]

I was required to be available to him all day since I lost the wager that he was larger than my partner. After that, I went to his home. He then ordered me to quickly begin taking off my clothes. He then instructed me to kneel while pinching my nipples. Once I caved in, he showed out his large cock. There, I felt like such a slut. A little time later, I was kneeling down nude, holding his gigantic dick in my mouth. I hurriedly downed everything before he arrived. The remainder of the day, while playing with my underwear, he texted my boyfriend a few times.
Then, in the evening, he informed me that a buddy would be dropping over and I could do anything I pleased. Ofc.
As his companion chuckled and touched my tits, he inquired as to how he had persuaded me to do this. She is a harlot, and her boyfriend is a filthy cuck, he said.
He laughed again before asking me to lick his behind. If he wanted me to, I responded.
I was then instructed to open my lips by him. As soon as the man walked in, I immediately followed suit and swallowed them both in. They then made the decision to use me as they watched TV. Like emptying them completely dry. across from them. Tittyfuck, too.
With 30 minutes left until the conclusion of the day and my departure, the two guys made the decision to spit roast me till they both covered my face. The man emailed my at-home partner a picture of myself through email as soon as he had his phone. After that, I departed, and when I arrived home, I heard a cuckoo.

NSFW: yes

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