I [F] was freeusing for another man while my cuckolded boyfriend was at home [19F]

I had to be available to him all day after I lost the wager that the man was larger than my boyfriend. I then went to his home. He then instructed me to get naked right away. He then commanded me to get on my knees after pinching my nipples as I obeyed. I complied, and he then exposed his large cock. There, I felt like such a slut. Only a few minutes later, I was on my knees, nude, and holding his large dick in my mouth. I gulped it all down when he arrived. He messed with my tits and sent my boyfriend a few texts over the remainder of the day.
Then, in the evening, he informed me that a buddy was coming over, and I was free to do as they pleased. Ofc.
As his companion chuckled while groping my tits, he inquired as to how he had persuaded me to do this. “Her boyfriend is a fucking cuck and she’s a slut,” he said.
He chuckled once more before inviting me to lick his cock. If he wanted me to, I said.
Then he instructed me to open my mouth. As soon as the man came in, I did the same, sucking them both in. Then they made the decision to use me while watching TV. It amounted to sucking them dry. astride them. tittyfuck, too
Then, with 30 minutes left before the end of the day and my departure, the two males made the decision to spit roast me till they both covered my face. Once he had his phone, the man emailed a picture of myself to my home-based boyfriend. I then departed and arrived home to a cuckoo.
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NSFW: yes

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