I [F] sucked off a guy when he helped me on my first day at the gym [21F]

I’m usually a timid girl that feels a bit uncomfortable in unexpected places. So, to be quite honest, when I started school and went to a new gym, I was a bit nervous. I’ll call him J, and he was really kind and accommodating. He immediately helped me. He responded to a few questions I had for him. He even located a place for me.
We proceeded to his vehicle, where I gave him the nicest blowjob ever—slow, soothing, and ending with him in my mouth. I chuckled and remarked, “This should’ve been my pre-workout,” then I sucked in his come. I went to him to say goodbye after completing my exercise, and he escorted me out. Saying “thank you” didn’t seem like enough. He then went back to the gym to finish his workout as I left for home.

NSFW: yes

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