I [F] seduced a man who was twice my age today [21F]

We started conversing after we met on a dating service and agreed to watch Top Gun and consume pot together at his house. I’ve at all times been drawn to older men. if you will, dilfs. I’ve never really fucked a dilf, however. I’ve fucked older men before, but none that I’d classify as dilfs, so I suppose this was my first. He has a little kid and is divorced (not close to my age at all dw). really polite and gentlemanly. To be honest, he was a little hesitant and reserved at first, but after our first kiss, everything went swimmingly.
On his sofa, I straddled him and we started having sex. He played with and began licking my tits after removing my spaghetti strap dress. He used his tongue and hands in a soft but strong manner. He had wonderfully delicate lips, but spiky salt and pepper beard. I enjoyed it.
We went to his bedroom and started to 69. I don’t like getting head too much (although I love giving it), but he was very nice. While finger fucking me with one hand and pushing down on my lower stomach with the other, his mouth caressed my clit. He was clearly more seasoned than most of the men my age.
After some oral, I instructed him to retrieve the condoms, then demonstrated how to use my mouth to put one on. We had a brief fling before I emerged on top. He moved my hair out of the way so he could see my face even though it was flapping all over the place (i swooned). then we returned to the missionary, where he severely fucked me till he arrived. After, my legs were trembling.
then it was time for pizza (we had pizza and wings it was awesome)
As we returned to his bedroom, he inquired about my use of birth control, to which I said that I did not. I was quite horny and wanted to fuck raw badly, but I hadn’t done so since my ex-boyfriend, so I was a bit apprehensive. I said we may fuck raw as long as he bought me plan B.
hence, we did. and it was wonderful to feel someone’s skin on mine once again. One of the nicest things I’ve ever had was feeling a guy within me raw. I have a raw, hard cock inside of my wet, dripping pussy, and I feel fantastic, slutty, and sexual. I really adore it.
He ultimately pulled out and cumped all over my face and tits. I was unhappy that he didn’t go inside, but maybe that will happen next time.
Once it hit me that I had just let a guy twice my age penetrate me raw, I started to stress out a little. But I also experienced wonderful sexiness. the reason I’m blogging here, hehe. The experience was perfect. Go fuck a dilf, ladies.

NSFW: yes

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