I [F] masturbated in my school bathroom while sexting with a stranger

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One of the guys I met on insta happened to text me while I was in school, and because of timezones, it was his morning, and as guys tend to have… He was horny, for me and that got me hot.

I started texting, left the class and moved to the bathroom, locked the door, dropped my pants, and started fingering myself and rubbing my clit as we text. He described how hot it would be to fuck my slutty pussy, pinning me up against the stall, turning this public masturbation into a declaration of what a slut I am… And it got me really wet.

I’ve a thing for name calling/abusing especially in hindi, it rlly gets me off, and the guy sucked at doing it. I ended up not having an orgasm and went home. Blocked the guy too Imao.

NSFW: yes


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