I (F) made my ex watch me being anally fucked (real story)

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No names. A guy I was dating back then was cheating on me, and he did that more than once. Okay, two can play this game. I told him I know everything, and made him make a decision: either we break up, or he watches me being fucked. I knew he was absolutely not into cuckolding, so that was my little revenge. He had no choice but to agree.

I invited one of my former FWBs and made my ex (who wasn’t an ex yet at that time) to watch how this muscular guy is fucking my throat till I gag. After that, he fucked my asshole so rough so I literally was crying and screaming of pain out loud, but I really enjoyed it. My ex was observing all of this, he got such a strong boner, he tried not to jerk off but finally he gave up, began stroking his cock and cum after like 20 seconds. The funny thing that he claimed he didn’t enjoy it afterwards lol. Anyway, he fucked up again when I found out that he kept cheating, so we broke up.

NSFW: yes