I [F] like getting touched in front of others [22F]

I like being touched in front of others. It happened to me when I was on a public bus, and it was the first time someone had touched me in broad daylight in front of so many people. The conductor lied that there had been a mishap. I didn’t say anything and even smiled when giving the signal. As the bus became more crowded, I was forced to stand very near to the door as the conductor sat just behind me. My boobs were pressing on the pipe that the conductor was carrying. Then he starts, holding my boobs in an unnoticeable way. While my dupatta was covering me, he slid his hand inside my shirt and angrily touched my boobs with his hands. My dupatta kept everything hidden, but I was still having a terrific time. This continued for over 20 minutes until the bus became less crowded and I was able to discover a seat.
I miss getting trampled in front of others. I also need to be humiliated, have my pussy fingered, and have my naked body in front of someone.

NSFW: yes

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