I [F] let my pals to treat me badly anyway they see fit [22F]

Trust me, it feels as surreal as it sounds. Even today, I’m not sure how I feel about these connections.
Three boys and one other female make up my tiny circle of friends. It all began with a straightforward truth or dare. When asked what my greatest kink was, I said, “humiliation.” After a second round, my buddy challenged me to finish the night in only my undies. I done that, the day passed, and no one gave it another wondered after that.
She said, “Shut up you’re literally a bottom you shouldn’t be arguing this hard,” and I responded, “I’m not a fucking bottom.” On a different day, we were hanging out and playing some jackbox games (like the stuff you connect your phones to), and me and my friend got into an argument (not a real one, just like a joking one with some stupid question). Give me your pants, she whispered as she moved in closer and extended her hand. She didn’t laugh as I stumbled through a little uncomfortable chuckle. I won’t lie; the only reason I did this was because she made me feel so hot. In order to prevent the boys in our group from seeing too much, I quickly pulled my trousers back on after listening and taking off my underwear. When I handed her my underwear, she remarked, “I told you so,” before stuffing them into her pocket.
We are all now somewhat like closed-off children, so no, we didn’t immediately begin having orgys. Because no one wanted to react, we just continued playing our game as if I had not just taken down my trousers. That was the only thing that day.
Anyway, I don’t want to go into the whole process since it might go on forever, but in general, it started off slowly and over the course of about a month, it steadily grew. When she grabbed my underwear once again, one of the lads playfully said, “When is it my chance to tell her what to do,” and she responded, “Next time.” The next time we went out, he playfully instructed me to remove my top. I humorously complied. And it changed from being joked about to someone new instructing me what to do every time we got together.
This began around six months ago. I’ll simply say that their level of humiliation has reached an extreme, and I’m not even joking. I essentially had none when they inquired about my restrictions. It was my fault; they had me use the restroom with the door open and spend the day hanging around with them in my undies. I was left outside the home alone and nude. Because I am little enough to fit in a diaper, I am only allowed to wear diapers. I was forced to urinate outside.
Like I really have no idea how turned on this makes me feel. In our group, things don’t get wrecked like that. When I was in diapers, for example, we merely played games as usual.
Recently, they began administering penalties and incentives during competitions. I’ll be paddled if I lose. like, in fact And if I win, I’ll be allowed to urinate inside rather than outdoors. How kinky these silent men really are is amazing.
We most likely won’t ever engage in sexual activity, which is a wonderful thing. At least, this is portrayed as amusing for foolish young people.
I’ll publish about any new sh*t they force me to do if this post is successful enough. I realize this seems absurd; I have no idea how things have gotten so bad. My dignity has been utterly destroyed, so I need you guys to believe me for the sake of my sanity. I know there’s a lot of bogus crap on this subreddit, but I genuinely had to answer the door for the pizza delivery man wearing a diaper and a T-shirt.

NSFW: yes

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