I [F] Let a Married Colleague [M] Fuck Me in the Break Room

Was just as another day at the office where I (Blonde, pale, petite) was just chilling in the breakroom when a colleague entered. Everyone knew the guy was under a lot of stress lately because our work is usually very relaxed. I told him we could talk if he wanted to.

He said his home life was all over the place. A lot of repairs needed to be done on his home because it seemed something else would break every week out of sheer bad luck. He told me his bedroom life with his wife was pretty dead these days too due to the at-home stress. Said he was over with masturbating because they just didn’t have any sexual chemistry lately.

I then offered him a fuck. At first he wondered I was joking, but I told him we can just keep it professional, to help him relieve some stress. He said alright and I leaned over the back of one of the couches for him. He pulled up the back of my skirt and then pulled down my panties and let them drop to the floor. I then heard him undo his belt and zipper of his pants. He then held onto my hips and I felt the head of his cock touch my already-wet entrance. He didn’t hesitate, and immediately pushed his whole length into me in one thrust, stretching my insides until he hit my cervix. I placed a hand over my mouth to help muffle my moan, but I didn’t expect him to go in so hard right away. He began to thrust in and out of me very rapidly, complimenting how tight my pussy was around him as he did so. I began to climax and told him he could finish inside me when he was due since I was on birth control. He kept fucking me harder and harder until he finally finished. He said he appreciated it a lot, put his cock back in his pants and went back to work.


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NSFW: yes

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