I [F] couldn’t care less if someone is married [20F]

So yesterday I had a hookup with a married guy. He was on a company trip, and we were kissing in our underwear in his hotel room when he stopped me and revealed that he was married and felt he should let me know before we continued in case it was an problem for me.
During our conversation, I essentially informed him that his marriage was his company. I wanted to fuck, and if he wanted to do the same, that was OK in my book.
We both came after we fucked. After experiencing post-nut clarity, he acknowledged that the reason he had informed me about his wife was to get me to quit having affairs with him.
I’m not sure whether he’ll attempt to live with the guilt or notify his wife. To be honest, I don’t care. He’s a mature guy attempting to assume responsibility for abstaining from cheating on me.
Before, I had relationships with both married men and women. Some of their husbands knew, while others didn’t. To be honest, the taboo nature of someone cheating on me attracts me.

NSFW: yes

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