I (f) banged the Dad I nanny for….

I’ve been the family’s nanny for more than a year, and I’ve all the time had a thing for the father. He has these massive blue eyes, is muscular, and is tanned. When the mom wasn’t around, I all the time got the impression that he was flirting with me.
The other day, he slept in a little later than usual, and I wasn’t aware that he was home. Normally, he is at work when I get there in the morning. The infant boy wandered into the parents’ room as I was preparing him a bottle when I went up to collect him. When I pursued him, I discovered the father completely exposed, exposing his MASSIVE erect cock.

I stood there for a moment because I was so startled, and then he just started laughing and said sorry. When he didn’t even immediately cover himself with a towel, I realized he had done it on purpose. He must have sensed my approval because he dropped the towel and proceeded to come over to me. Knowing what was gonna happen, I didn’t move.
He took hold of my face and began kissing me. I was drenched in water and his stiff cock was pushing against my stomach. I desperately wanted to fuck him right there, but his baby was in the room, so we stopped. He then said that ever since he first saw me, he had been dreaming of fucking me.

He ultimately arrived home while the kids were taking a sleep, and it was the finest fuck I’ve ever experienced. He was very powerful yet kind. He said nothing as he entered the building through the front door. He simply approached me, grabbed my ass, and began making out with me. He already had a firm cock. He began caressing my pussy through my yoga pants as I began rubbing it through his company jeans. I had already soaked through.
He led me to the bedroom, where he tore off my yoga pants and spent what seemed like hours licking my pussy. My pussy was pulsating in utter ecstasy, and I was completely in love.

I wondered my eyes were gonna roll to the back of my head when he finally slipped it in. It was extremely thick and curved at the ideal angle. My g spot was immediately struck, and I almost passed out on the spot. He wrapped his arm over my neck and began mumbling and groaning in my ear. That was extremely heated and animalistic. He ultimately filled my pussy with his scorching come, and it was the spiciest thing I’ve ever felt.
Later in the day, when the mother returned home, she inquired about our activities and the kids’ meals.

As her husband’s cum was still in my pussy, talking to her made me feel incredibly sexual and lewd. I’m willing to try it once more.

NSFW: yes

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