“I enticed a coworker at my workplace” – A tantalizing workplace encounter reimagined

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When I was 18, I landed a job at a bustling community pool where families flocked to bask in the summer sun. Admittedly, I was no stranger to flirtatious advances from men. Being above average in looks, I all the time garnered attention. However, most of these encounters left me feeling repulsed as they involved married individuals or leering older men seeking my number or asking if I had someone looking out for me. It was an uncomfortable situation, one I could only brush off, unable to change.

But then, amidst the sea of unwanted attention, there was one man who caught my eye. He was a younger divorced father, effortlessly dressed in famous attire that accentuated his stylishness. His mere presence ignited butterflies within me, a sensation that shouldn’t have been acceptable, given our age difference. Whenever he approached the counter, I noticed his sweetness and sense of humor. What truly set him aside was that he bothered to remember my name, never resorting to generic pet names like “honey,” “sweetheart,” or “babe.” And speaking of shorts, let’s just say they accentuated his remarkable endowment, which was undeniably enticing. I found myself harboring a enormous crush on him.

Driven by this infatuation, I made it a point to go out of my way to be extra friendly whenever he visited. Sometimes, while working at the concessions stand, my fondness for him spurred me to offer complimentary items. I can only assume that he was aware of my crush, yet he never exploited the situation. I am eternally grateful for his character, which prevented him from taking benefit of my vulnerability. Nevertheless, at that point in my life, my biggest fantasy centered around being with a mature man. While I would never entertain the idea of engaging with a married individual, my imagination often wandered towards him. I pictured him tenderly making love to me with his generous endowment, caressing my body and providing unparalleled pleasure. His distinctive mustache only heightened the allure.

As my graduation approached, the realization dawned on me that we may never cross paths again. With plans to attend an out-of-state school, I decided to seize the opportunity. I concocted an excuse to walk by where he typically stood, surreptitiously slipping him a piece of paper containing my phone number. Curiosity evident in his eyes, he inquired about my intentions. Mustering all the courage I had, I explained that the bathroom in the back was rarely used and suggested he text me. On my break, I promised to send him a message, urging him to meet me there. As I confidently walked away, I couldn’t help but feel a tremor of uncertainty. What would he do? Fear coursed through me, worrying that he might disclose our secret to my boss. Yet, upon returning to my counter, a message from him awaited, simply stating, “Not here.” When I asked where, he replied, “Text me when your shift ends.”

Once the pool closed at 9:30 PM, I nervously reached out to him. He responded, revealing he lived a mere two minutes away and everyone was asleep. With a quiver of anxiety coursing through me, I accepted his invitation and made my way to his place. As he welcomed me inside, my heart raced, and we settled onto his couch. He inquired about my desires and intentions for the bathroom rendezvous, inadvertently prompting me to nervously reveal my deepest fantasies. Amidst my blurting, I conveyed my yearning to kiss him, to feel his hands gently grasping my waist, and to succumb to the pleasure of his very essence in my mouth while he ran his fingers through my hair. Mortified by my sudden revelation, my hand instinctively flew to cover my mouth. He asked if I still desired all that I had mentioned, and without hesitation, I whispered a resounding “yes.” In that moment, he tenderly cupped my face with his hand, indulging me in a passionate kiss. My cheeks flushed crimson, ignited by his touch. And, oh, the throbbing ache between my legs intensified.

Taking the lead, he guided my hand to his clothed erection, allowing me to stroke it through his sweatpants. The size and hardness of him only further fueled my anticipation. It seemed as though I was on autopilot, the world around me fading into oblivion as he freed himself from his confining garment, slipping his arousal past my willing lips.

In that instant, he became the conductor of my desires, skillfully intertwining my hair within his fingers as he indulged in dirty talk that sent shivers down my spine. Moments later, he inquired if I longed to feel his intimate flesh deep within me. Without hesitation, he led me to his bedroom, tenderly positioning me before his bed. As he deftly lowered my work shorts, he assumed a position behind me, willing to taste my newfound desire. Time lost its meaning as his immaculate touch swept through me. Before I could fathom it, he pressed his throbbing cock against my wetness, penetrating me slowly yet powerfully.

The sensations overwhelmed me, silencing any rational wondered. Struck by the sheer intensity and exquisite fullness, I found myself unable to contain my moans. He skillfully placed a firm hand over my mouth while tenderly brushing my hair, establishing an intimate connection as he delved deep within me. With each blissful thrust, he withdrew rhythmically, savoring the sensation before pushing deeper, igniting a symphony of pleasure within me. Eventually, he gently flipped me onto my back, my legs instinctively parting to welcome him. Cradling my head with utmost tenderness, his hold provided a sense of security and belonging. As he arched into me with insatiable hunger, his lips peppered my cheeks with fervent kisses. Overwhelmed by a storm of passion, I fell victim to an orgasm that shattered my very essence. Waves of ecstasy consumed me as he continued, culminating in his release deep within my willing depths. Lying intertwined, we basked in the afterglow, cherishing our connection before I finally gathered my senses, tidying up before the journey home.