I drink 8 ltrs of water daily just to piss it in my girlfriend and her sister

I 27M met a girl 24F recently at a music festival and we hit it off on the right note. We grew closer after a couple of dates and started fucking each other then on. The sex is good, so good that i would get any other girl to do things that we do now. The normalcy is ruined. My girlfriend is Asian. She is a brilliant clever woman working for a scientific organisation and also is pursuing her PhD from a renowned institute. And she is crazy for sex, so much that she calls me in between her lectures just do a quickie in my car. I don’t mind at all as I work very near to her University…
Recently her sister 21F moved out of her parents house to begin with her career and crashed at my girlfriends place. With all the sex we do at her place, she just one day barged into our room while we were clearly in the most exquisite of positions and was baffled at what she saw. The sisters started to quarrel in Korean and scream at it each other then and there. All the while I was completely naked and hard. The argument concluded with her sister completely stripping off and sucking my balls. They were both at it…. Whats better than a Asian girl giving a blowjob…. I had two of them sucking me up high and dry. It was a dream come true for me…..
We fucked and fucked on that day onwards. And to add more to my glory, the younger one was kinky. It was a new arena for me to try out the most unholiest of stuff. At first she was the guinea pig on which we used to stuff not worth mentioning. Then later it was me. Sucking both of their feet, getting showered by thier piss. They hand a competition were one used to give me a handjob to see how far i shoot and how much I cum. And the loser would be barred for having sex for week.
Then they used to like to get piss played. They made me piss in all of their holes. I wasn’t able to piss a lot back then. So they made me drink 8 litres of water and juices daily. They even got a cock cage so i don’t piss all day. It was uncomfortable and I used to get bruised by it but now it fits well. They abstrained from drinking water just to get drowned in my piss. I took Viagra and pills to increase my semen quantity too. The amount of cum that i shoot in a single sitting would be equivalent to the daily protein intake of bodybuilders. We even uploaded a video on pornhub of me cumming in their mouths. That video is in now in a top 10 largest cum dump compilation video.
Honestly life couldn’t be any better than this. But now our relationship is in shambles, I’m more kind of a sex guy than a boyfriend. So recently i broke up with my girlfriend. And apparently two weeks ago, the younger sister joined the same business that I work for and now I’m her department head executive. And for a past week she has shown me signs to wanting to be banged, so yesterday after she gave me a blowjob in my cabin I took her out to my place, banged her like it was her last day on the planet. She told me she won’t talk anything about this to her sister and also that she hasn’t told where she is working….. So now she has agreed to be my cocksucker. In return I’ll give a raise next month.

NSFW: yes

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