I didn’t mean to I swear 😂😇[F] [F22] [IRTR]

One Friday afternoon at work, my coworker was venting about not having been on a date in awhile etc etc. So I motivated her to try her luck on Tinder. She eventually met a guy she liked and they chatted for a bit, then he eventually asked her out. But he wanted to know if she had a friend for his mate that was in town. Of course, I agreed to be her wingwoman hehe and so we met up at a lounge and laughed the whole night. But my friend wanted to head home because she had work the next morning _sigh_.

After she got picked up by the uber, I chose to stay and hang out with the two guys. Initially, I was only dancing with the date I was set up with, but after a few rum punches, we were all taking turns dancing together. We took a break and went outside to cool off. Then, outside, me and my original date began making out and after we stopped, I noticed his friend was just standing there obviously feeling awkward af. So I asked if he wanted to join and soon I started making out with my coworkers’ date as well haha. Shortly after, we all went to a hotel and well you can pretty much guess the rest 😅 oops hahah

I might have posted something about this on my old user account so apologies if i did but my old user account got banned coz some loser kept reporting me after i declined to see pictures of his junk in the comments, so now im playing catch up 😟🙄

NSFW: yes

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  1. Ankking89

    When a friend sets you up on a nice date you need to finish the deal… She didn’t so it was fair game

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