I did something bad with my older brother on a family vacation

Family vacations are either a fun reprieve away from the real world or a nightmare waiting to happen. It really all depends on how well you all mesh and get along day to day…and my family? Well…let’s just say we’ve all the time been a lot closer than most.

Let me paint you a picture:

Do most younger sisters get stood up on prom night just to end up in their older brothers bed?

Do most mothers not only encourage their adult children to explore each other sexually…but get involved themselves?

Do most fathers look entirely the other way as all of this is going on?

No… I didn’t think so.

So, now that you’ve got the run down on our little….unique…family…I might as well get into what happened last summer between my oldest brother and I when we were vacationing in Hawaii.

See, it’s become one of our biggest kinks to *“get caught”* fucking by some unsuspecting stranger that has no idea we’re brother and sister despite how similar we look…and finally, we we’re given the perfect opportunity to make that fantasy come to life.

After a long day at the beach, the rest of our family headed back to the resort and the two of us hung back to watch the sun set and smoke a joint.

There were a few other pockets of people spread across the beach, but we were more or less isolated off to the side behind some trees and a couple of big boulders.

After smoking the joint, we both got super horny. One thing quickly led to another, and we ended up naked and going at it like a pair of rabbits right there on the beach for anyone to wander idly by and see.

Well, that’s exactly what ended up happening!

My older bro had just managed to pin me down in the sand and was about to enter me roughly from behind when this group of shirtless guys came walking past us and froze at the sight of our entangled bodies.

One whistled, a few let out a couple of lewd jeers, but they ultimately ended up losing interest fast and continuing onward to some bonfire that had just started up further down the coast line – surely assuming they had stumbled onto nothing more than a couple young lovers or honeymooners going at it.

Nothing to see there.

If only they knew…

Still, ***WE*** knew, and that was enough.

I had such an adrenaline rush from it that we ended up fucking two more times before heading back to the resort, and then later that night we snuck out again and got purposely “caught” having sloppy oral sex out on a pool deck chair by a passing maid pushing a towel cart. The difference that time, though, was that when we finally caught her staring it seemed to us both that she had been there looking for quite some time from the daze she seemed to be in.

“Maybe she knows,” I whispered to my brother in the darkness.

He nodded.

“She could have seen us check in together…maybe she put it together…”

Put off by the fact that she didn’t quickly scatter off upon catching us unlike the guys back on the beach, my brother started towards her (stark naked, I might add – and looking hot as fuck too) to ask what was up…but it was in that moment that her trance seemed to finally break (perhaps at the sight of his still wet and flopping cock?) and she continued pushing her cart forward as if she hadn’t seen anything at all.

All in all…it was a pretty satisfying vacation 😉

NSFW: yes

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