I Caught My Stepmom Cheating – Part 4: Puppet On A String

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Part 4 – Puppet On A String

So after that Friday, she got a little break from my harassment. That weekend my father and two younger siblings were around. So there was not much I could do. I still found methods to keep myself entertained.

Around the house any time I saw her for a second alone I would cop a quick feel, pinch her ass, give her a little love tap, just to remind her of her predicament. She would whisper to stop, worried that we might get caught, but I was careful.

At the dinner table, I made sure to play footsie under the table with her while the rest of the family ate dinner and talked. They were clueless what was going on between us. We shared a few looks at one another from across the table. She looked so vulnerable.

Something strange was happening. My stepmother’s initial reaction to being caught in the act and being blackmailed was rage, she was pissed, I could see it in her eyes. And rightfully so. But now there was something different. Something different between us. I guess fucking someone will have that affect.

That Sunday night I headed back to college. There were just a few weeks left and I would be home for the summer. That is what I was looking forward to. A long summer to relax and let loose.

Back a college I soon started thinking of methods to keep our game going. There is no reason that I could not have a little fun. Her situation had not changed just because I was away. I shot her a text message late one night.

“Hey, what are you up to?” A few minutes later…

“Nothing, we are in bed.?”

“Is my dad asleep?”

“Yes, right beside me?”

“Did you fuck him tonight?” Long pause…

“Yes, I did.”

“Good slut, we’ll talk soon.”

That exchange opened the door to our new dynamic. We communicated from a far, I controlled her in new and different methods. All the time by text message. She all the time responded within minutes.

It started out with pictures. I would ask her to send me a picture of her cleavage, or a sexy selfie, and it quickly escalated to nude pictures and her performing lewd acts on herself.

Then we started with the videos. Mostly during the day. I had her sending me nasty clips of her fucking herself all over that house. Fingering, dildos, vibrators. You name it. She would send me pictures and vids showing her drooling pussy. Yeah she kept me going during those last few weeks while I was away at college.

There were other methods I controlled her. First, she had to break off the relationship with her gym trainer. I told her if I found out that she was seeing him, that I would expose her to my father. That I would show him the evidence. She agreed not to see him again, and I believed her.

She dug herself deeper and deeper into this hole. Exposing herself. At first I just had an audio clip. Her and her meathead trainer fucking one another. But now I had photos, and messages. All kinds of incriminating material.

I also started to control clothes she wore. At first I would tell her this skirt, that blouse. But it turned into me picking out entire outfits some days, down to the color of her panties, these shoes with that blouse. She sent me pictures of her wardrobe so I could dress her up. Like a my own slutty Barbie doll to play and control.

We were in frequent communication daily for hours and hours. Our dynamic all the time driven by my ordering her around. I all the time contacted first, but she was all the time there for me as soon as I wanted her attention. She never made the first move. She waited for my instruction.

One of the last things we did while I was away at school. On the day of my last final. The day before I was to move back home for the summer. My friends and I wanted to celebrate. We hit one of the bars in the midafternoon. We started early and wanted to party that night before everyone left for the summer.

Sharing a few pints with my buddies, I shot her a text. I knew she was going out shopping. But I wanted to have some fun.

I had her put on the skimpiest, sluttiest miniskirt she had, with some stiletto heels. I had her tease her hair up with a lot of hairspray, and put on a lot of heavy makeup, especially a lot of eye-shadow. She sent me a picture.

She looked like a bimbo slut, or maybe one of the groupies from the 80’s that used to sleep with all the rock stars. I about fell our of my chair, she looked very sexy, but more than provocative. I started to get a hard-on right there at the table.

She had to go to the mall to get a few things, and I told her she had to go the way I had dressed her. For several days she had been nothing but obedient but she protested.

“I cannot do that, no! I look like a fucking streetwalker.”

“Better do it! Unless you want this game to end. We can end it any time you want, but I’m telling you there will be some major changes in your life. I have a lot more dirt on you now other than that audio. We can always see what my daddy has to say about it.”


“Good slut, one last thing, take off your panties, you are going shopping without them, and I want a picture to prove it.”

She sent me a picture of her panties at the floor, around her ankles and her heels. Sexy fucking picture, she sends them so effortlessly. Then she sent me and up-skirt picture showing her bare pussy, easy to see under her skimpy skirt.

“Good slut, now I want you to text me when you get to the mall. When you are in the parking lot. Sitting in your car”

I went on drinking with my buddies. About a forty-five minutes later she messaged me.

“I’m here.”

“Good, where are you parked?”

“At the mall”

“Are there a lot of people around? A lot of cars?”

“Yes there are people everywhere. The parking lot is full.”

“Very good, I want you to lean your seat back a little. Relax and get comfortable. Wait there and in a few minutes I am going to facetime you. Okay?”


I excused myself from my friends and told them I would be right back. I went out to my car and sat inside. I called her. She answered, her face looked so slutty with her overdone makeup, heavy eye shadow. She looked so vulnerable, so nervous..

She asked me what she was doing. I told her that she was gonna masturbate for me while we were on the phone and show me while she did it.

“I can’t do that, there are people all over the fucking place.”

“Be discrete, do it now. And I want you to hold the phone where I can see it”

She held the phone down to her skimpy skirt and she parted her legs. I saw a little flash of her pretty little pussy. I commanded her, I directed her.

“That’s nice. Spread your legs a little. Now I want you to start rubbing yourself.”

She moved her hand down between her legs.

“That’s it now start rubbing, get it nice and wet. Rub on your clit for me.”

She did as she was told. Spreading her juices. Circling her button. Working it back and forth. I could hear her gasping, breathing harder. Erotic exhales.

“Do you like that? Do you like the way it makes you feel. Rubbing yourself with strangers all around.”

“There is someone right next to the car. I have to be careful”

“Take your time, keep rubbing. I want you to open up your pussy and let me see inside. Show me your sloppy cunt. I want to see it.”

She spread and showed me the inside of her flower. So soft and moist. She was ready.

“Now I want you slide in a finger. Just one. I want you to finger fuck your self right now.”

Every command, she did as she was told. She whimpered with a finger buried in her hole.

“Keep going, faster, that’s right now rub on your clit some more. I want to hear your wetness. Make it sing for me. Let me hear that sloppy cunt.”

She rubbed her cunt feverishly. Back and forth, side to side, she pulled hard on her clit.

“I want you to bury two fingers inside and fuck your self. I want to hear it and see it. Show me how that slutty cunt likes to get fucked.”

She inserted her birdy and her ring fingers and buried them deep, then pulled them out slowly covered in her glaze. She pulled them all the way up her slit tugging on her clit, before planting them back deep inside. She started thrusting them into herself, gasping, whispering.

“Oh my god, hmm.. Ugh…”

“ Don’t you fucking cum, yet, wait until I tell you.”

“Okay, I will.”

“If you cum before I tell you there is going to be hell to pay. Now keep fingering yourself. Describe how your pussy feels.”

Distracted she struggled to speak.

“I am wet, so fucking wet. It’s warm and juicy. I need to cum, so bad.”

“Not yet, you wait. Wait until I say. Now fuck your cunt hard until you are about to cum and then stop.”

Her thrusting intensified, she was dripping and squelching. Her hand was moving faster. Any passerby was sure to have noticed what she was doing. Her wet sounds rang clear on my phone. She was fucking herself madly. Then she stopped. Pulling her hand away.

Her pussy was pulsating, I could see it throbbing, at the edge of orgasm. Swollen and wet. Ready for release. But she stopped just in time. Just as I had told her.

“Nice work. Now start again.”

She went back to work, rubbing before inserting, then finger-blasting herself. Fucking herself hard. Harder that before. She was climbing, at the edge. She was ready to explode within seconds.

“Please, please, I need to cum. Please let me. I am ready.”

Her cunt squelching as she begged me for release.

“Stop, right now. Do not cum.”

She pulled her hand away and she was throbbing as before. Breathing heavy. Squirming. She sighed. In torment.

“That’s enough for today. “

“But I didn’t get to fini..”

I interrupted.

“And you are not going to get to. I want you to close your legs, and pull your skirt back down. Cover up that slutty pussy of yours. I want you to get out of the car and go do your shopping with your sloppy cunt dripping. From now on you will cum when I tell you to cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“And one more thing. You are not to fuck my dad. I will be home tomorrow. I am going to be the next one that fucks you. And if you are good, then I will let you cum.”

“Okay but you know how your father is. He likes to fuck me any change he gets.”

“Figure it out. Tell him you are sick, or that you have a headache.”


“Don’t fucking lie to me because I will know.”

“I promise.”

“Okay, your pussy belongs to me now. Remember that.”

“Yes Sir.”

“No go do your shopping. I will see you tomorrow.”

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