I caught my son and his friend jerking off to pictures of me and my daughter

They had our pictures pulled up on a bunch of computer monitors they had set up in the living room not expecting me to get sick, come home early from work and catch them in the act.

They weren’t even all overtly sexual pictures. In fact, the one my son’s friend had pulled up of me on the iPad he was jerking off over when I walked through the door was just me smiling beside my son at his graduation.

I guess the dress I was wearing was sort of tight and did a good job of exposing my tits and ass, but still…

I happen to have known him since he was really young, having grown up in the same cult as his mother, so seeing this definitely caused the wheels to begin turning in my head.

Was he seriously so turned on by me that even fully clothed pictures did it for him? And just how long had he and my son been doing this naughty little ritual?

They tried to cover their tracks when I entered, but it was easier said than done considering they had 5 or 6 screens worth of porn and photos to exit out of and two very lubed up cocks to put away.

Eventually I just smirked and walked off, leaving them to it to go change out of my work clothes.

When I reappeared they were being completely quiet watching tv and scrolling through their phones as if nothing had happened, but I could tell by how beet red my son’s friend was that he was pretty embarrassed.

My son, on the other hand, didn’t seem even remotely fazed.

If you know anything about our family, it’s that this sort of thing is far from the norm. His friend, on the other hand, probably wondered it would be awkward between us from there on out.

Wanting to ease his worries, I waited until it was late and my son had retired to bed to approach him on the matter. I caught him grabbing a drink from the fridge, and I took great pride in the way he struggled not to eye fuck me in my skimpy nightgown as I assured him that I wasn’t mad about earlier…that it was fine…that I knew young men sometimes had certain…


I don’t exactly know how it happened, but one minute I was talking and the next I was leading him into my bedroom, stripping him of his clothing and pushing him down on my bed.

I was soaking wet at the prospect of finally getting to have him and given the fact that there was now a gigantic tent pitched in his pants, he seemed to distribute my enthusiasm.

We ended up fucking the better part of the night away, being as quiet as feasible so as not to wake my son down the hall…and I have to admit, he was much better in bed than I had anticipated.

Not only was he fairly hung, but he seemed to take just as much pleasure in making sure I got off as he did his own release. Never in my life had I cum so many times from head alone.

Really, he was basically a savant with his tongue.

I found out today that he has a girlfriend, so I’m not sure if we’re destined to ever hook up again.

But fuck, it definitely made for a very memorable experience that I’ll be getting off to for weeks to come.

NSFW: yes

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