I caught my mom cheating


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I was about 6 years old when this happened my dad was working here in the usa and my mom and I were living in mexico… my mom worked cleaning houses for people and she would go work when i was in college. Well this one time I was sick and didnt go to college so she took me with her to her job..we got there and she put on some cartoons for me while she cleaned the house I was sitting there in the livingroom when the man of the house came in and asked where my mom was at so I pointed to the kitchen and he went over there.. I saw them hug and whisper then i saw my mom get down in front of him and I heard her gagging and slurping so she was sucking his dick. (At the moment I didnt have any clue what sex was)

Then she got up and she said that she didnt want to and he told her she didnt have a choice then her went into the room and my mom followed after… before going in she put the volume on the tv up and told me to stay there and not move that she has to clean the room with him and she would be out soon….

So within a minute I started hearing hard kissing and heavy breathing and moaning and I just sat there very curious but just listening…then it turned into spanking and dirty talk..my mom would ask for it harder and he would call her a cheat slut and after like 10 minutes I heard my mom telling him to cum on her titts and face and then I heard him grunting and everything went quiet afterwards…a few minutes later he came out and went back to work and after a few more minutes my mom came out fixing her clothes and her hair…and it wasnt until I became a teen that I realized what I had heard really was

NSFW: yes

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