I caught my guy friend jerking off to my panties (F19)


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I live in a school dorm with three guys, and this confession is about on of them who i’ll call Mike (fake name). So, many months ago, it was a ordinary day, we all had a few lectures except for Mike so he was home alone

When i got to the lecture hall i found out that it was cancelled and the professor won’t attend. I had a few hours before my next lecture so i wondered i’d go back home, take some rest and then come back later. I went back and i don’t think Mike heard me come in ……….. I was searching for the tv remote but couldn’t discover it, so i went to his room and i saw the door open so i knocked and walked in ……..

I immediately gasped *”OMG”* as i saw him jacking off and my panties and bra are infront of him ….. he quickly tried to cover up and was apologizing and explaining himself. I didn’t say anything back and it took me a while to process but for some reason ….. it felt SO hot imagining him getting off to my underwear. I made him sit back and lubed up my hands, I stroked his cock while dirty talking to him and he came all over my underwear ….. It felt so empowering? if that makes any sense lol, but the fact that he can get off to my underwear is flattering <3

I left him to clean up and whispered to him before I leave *”next time you can ask me sweetie, so i know where my missing underwear is’*’ and giggled.

NSFW: yes

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