I caught my dad’s friend jerking off and helped him finish the job

I came home from work late the other night and caught him jerking off in our bathroom.

Why he didn’t lock the door is beyond me, but all it really took to make me shut and lock it myself before dropping to my knees was the sight of his throbbing cock and the glistening trickle of pre-cum that had already started to create near the tip.

I’ve all the time been a pretty enormous slut for men old enough to be my father, and at just over fiftyhe fit the bill pretty perfectly.

He had been staying with us we’ve since his family came down with Covid. But up until then I can’t say I had ever really envisioned him without any clothes on…let alone pumping his impressively large and veiny cock to porn in our bathroom.

He is an attractive man—don’t get me wrong—but when a man is as nerdy and closed off as he tends to be, that can sometimes be easy to overlook.

Not that any of that mattered any longer.

One look at what must have been his *at least* ten inch cock and I had all of a sudden been reduced to a drooling cum slut for him.

I let him fuck my throat and all my other holes for a solid two hours, only abruptly fleeing to my room when I heard my dad get up to go use the bathroom.

We came *this* close to being caught, but honestly…that only made the whole thing even more kinky.

He’s still staying with us and I have a feeling the rest of his visit will be anything but boring…

NSFW: yes

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