I bred a 56 year old cougar


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I met this cougar through Facebook because I saw her on my “people you may know” and decided to message her. I woke up to a message from her and immediately we began talking. I would just ask about her day and how she was doing and eventually talked on the phone.

We would talk every night. She would tell me about herself and vice versa. Eventually, we got more personal and started flirting. I would compliment her over FaceTime and send me pics. One day I sent her a pic of me at the gym and she was all over it. We FaceTimed that day and she was only in her bra and panties. I couldn’t hold myself back and jerked off while talking to her.

About 2 weeks after talking, I told her I wanted to meet up and she was excited and agreed. We wondered about a restaurant but she changed her mind and said she wanted to cook for me at her place. So I go over the next night and was so nervous and horny when I knocked on her door. She opened the door and looked great. She is attractive with a nice body. We chatted while eating and drank wine while talking on her couch. I never wondered I’d ever be into someone this age.

She moved closer to me and started kissing me. I was literally throbbing in my pants and started feeling her body. She has big tits, and a nice ass. She started feeling my bulge and stopped kissing me and told me she wanted me inside her. I started pulling her shirt off and saw her big tits in a sexy red bra and started kissing her tits. She unbuttoned my shirt while she grinder on me and eventually tore each other’s pants off.

She pulled my boxers down and my hard cock immediately bounced out. She stroked me while telling me she wanted it since she saw my bulge in pics. She slowly started sucking on it and it drove me wild. She deepthroated, sucked the tip and balls. I kissed her after she sucked my dick and started going down on her. She let out moans while I took off her wet panties. I ate her pussy and could feel her dripping all over my chin. I ate her ass too which we both loved. But her hottest moans were while I fingered her.

I made her cum from eating her out and slid my cock into her. I was her first ever uncut cock. I slowly slid the tip in and she felt amazing and looked good taking it. I slowly slid in deeper and started thrusting. She let out heavy moans and breaths while I fucked in in missionary. I flipped her over to doggy and started getting a little more rough. Her asshole looked amazing and I couldn’t help but spit on it and slide my thumb in. Her moans became screams and she was going crazy.

She told me she wanted to ride me and I immediately layed down and she hopped on top. She grinded, rode, and bounced on me. She was shaking the entire time. I could finally feel myself feeling closer to cumming. The few of her sexy face, tits, and hearing her talk dirty was getting to me. She kept riding and I was closer and closer. I told her I was gonna cum and instead of pulling me out she kept going and told me she wanted me to cum inside her.

She kept repeating “cum inside me” until I came. My whole body shook and I let out some loud moans. She kept grinding on me and kissed me while she came too. I loved watching her slowly pull my cock out and see my cum drip out. She laughed and said “I needed that. I haven’t had sex in 7 years.” We lay there for a while and I was in complete disbelief.

We got up and took a shower together and cleaned each other off while making out and talking. We dried up and put clothes on. I told her it was amazing and that I would love to do this again while on my way out. And she stopped me and told me she wanted to stay. So I stayed and we went a second round.

We’ve been hooking up for the past 3 months and I never wondered I’d ever be fucking a woman this age. I love it though. She’s so hot and experienced which makes it amazing.

NSFW: yes

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