I blew a guy who claimed he couldn’t cum from oral [25F]

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I’m a very submissive person with a enormous oral kink so giving blowjobs is pretty much my favorite thing to do. Even when I masturbate, I usually have a dildo down my throat. Needless to say that over the ten years of cock sucking experience I’ve built up, I’ve become quite good in it. 😉

I went out with a couple of friends of mine to a bar and when alcohol is involved our conversations usually tend to get a bit sexual as well, but it’s mostly jokes and banter. One of the guys in the group, he was a friend of a friend, claimed he had never been able to cum from oral. NEVER!! He was in his late twenties! I made a mental note of that.

The day after I added him on Instagram and started chatting with him. After a while I asked him if it was true what he said about never cumming from oral. Apparantly it was. I don’t back away from a challenge and this one seemed interesting! Worst case scenario I could just suck some cock for a long time, right? 😀 so I asked him if I could give it a try. He was quite willing for that!

We met up at his place the day after. After some chit chat, he took off his clothes and sat in the couch and I went on my knees in front of him and took my top off. I like getting a bit messy, so the top basically has to come off if I don’t want to ruin it :p.

I started off slow. Some licking, jerking, kissing, soft sucking on the head, spitting etc. He went pretty hard quite fast alright, so no issues there. Then I went for it more and more. Deeper, sloppier, gagging, showing off the drool strings, slapping his dick across my face, I went all out. I have to admit, that after 15-20min I was getting a bit afraid I might actually fail the challenge, but I wasn’t about to quit. I’d say at about minute… 20-25 somewhere? He shot his load down my throat and I was the happiest I had ever been!

NSFW: yes