I am a “straight” woman who virtually every night eats her roommate’s ass


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My roommate and I were drinking a box of wine a few months back since we are elegant, and we ended up getting very drunk. We’re both talking about meaningless nonsense when she asks if I’ve ever eaten ass. “No, gross, why would I stick my tongue in some guy’s asshole?” I think. She says she witnessed two girls doing it in a porno and was saying how hot it was.

In my drunken stupor, I asked her if she wanted me to eat her ass. I’m not sure why, I don’t think about sex with women, I don’t watch lesbian porn, but it sounded like the correct thing to say at the time. She asked, “Are you serious?” I’m thinking, why not blame it on the alcohol? She excused herself (we were inebriated, but not too drunk) and returned in her underpants. We’re both thinking, “How do we do this?” Then she bends over the couch’s edge, and I kneel behind her. Pulling down her pantyhose and peering directly at her privates.

I’d never been this close to a pussy or asshole before, and I just looked for a second before extending my tongue out and stroking her butthole. I noticed her flinch. Then I decided I’d better get into it, so I put my hands on her lower back and began licking her asshole.

She exclaims, “That feels really fucking good.” That jolted me and went directly to my pussy. We didn’t wait long before she stood up because the couch was bothering her. She starts telling me how fantastic that was and how she now has to masturbate.

I told her to relax on the couch and I’d lick her behind while she fingered herself. My tongue went too high and touched her pussy when I was licking her ass. We both went completely still. In my drunken comment, sucking her ass was acceptable, but eating her pussy was lesbian. Don’t try to figure it out using drunk logic.

I recline on my knees and apologize, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to touch your puss.” She didn’t mind. When she glides down quickly and my tongue slips between her lips, I resume tonguing her ass. When she does it again, I move back down to her ass. That little bitch did it on purpose, I believe. When I look up at her, she’s just smiling.

So I licked her from her ass across the skin up into her pussy hole and then her clit, sticking my tongue out all the way to make it wide and fat. I enjoyed the flavor of her pussy hole and began sticking my tongue in as far as I could.

She quickly grabbed my hair and yanked me up until my lips was on her clitter. I am pleased to report that I gave her an orgasm. We finished our wine after I finished and eventually slept out on the couch together.
We awoke the next morning, hungover as hell, clutching one other. She is wearing only a tank top and no bottoms. I’m still dressed for the streets. Then she says, “Your breath smells like pussy, you dyke,” to which I respond, “fuck off, you little skank.” She did it to me that morning.

I’ve been eating her a$$ and licking her pussy virtually every night after work. She does it to me now and then, but I am far more the provider. I discovered that I enjoy eating pussy (albeit I still require a male (hum, penis)).:)
That’s how it all began.

NSFW: yes

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