I am a guy 24 straight but curious

I was at my friends house there was a girl and a guy we all got drunk and started just showing off our areas and we kept joking around back and fourth about my buddy pulling his dick out if I take mine out so we did and I kept just touching myself not thinking much of it and when I went to stop he says will you keep going and I said sure so I pulled my pants down all the way and let him just enjoy watching me touch myself and I finally said you want to touch it for a second and he did he didn’t want to stop I started to lean back because it felt so good I looked over and kept seeing his throbbing dick just drip and we got in bed to sleep and I asked him could I suck it for you and he proceeded to let me I was laying my tongue against it and wrapped my lips around it going up and down letting him just enjoy it and when he got close and said he was going to cum I pulled him closer and let him cum in my throat it was honestly enjoyable to an extent and the very next morning I reached over to touch him and he goes what are you doing I said I’m going to wrap my lips around it for you again and from now on when I go over there he gets to watch me touch myself and control me and gets his dick sucked

NSFW: yes

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