I (43M) met a cheerleader (18M) at Great Wolf Lodge when she was there for a cheer competition and we both lived out our fantasies together – Short Sex Story

This happened a couple months ago. I was at Great Wolf Lodge because my niece was having her birthday there and she told her parents that they had to invite me.

I was staying there overnight because they had an extra room with the package deal they got and I didn’t mind because the bartender there was actually pretty good at making drinks.

I got up early in the morning to get some coffee at the Dunkin Donuts and there were cheerleaders everywhere. Apparently there was a cheer competition close by and a bunch of the cheerleaders were staying there. There was this rather tall and slender dark haired cheerleader that kept looking my direction in line so I smiled back. When we were waiting for our drinks, she ended up standing by me and I said hi and asked about the cheer competition, but I did t expect anything to come of it.

When my drink came up, I got my drink and headed back to my room. As I walked out, the tall cheerleader told her friends she needed to go get something in their room and she’d be right back. She followed me into the elevator and it was just the 2 of us inside. She said her name was April (not her real name for here) and to look for her later in the water park in the black bikini bottoms and pink top. I asked how old she was and she told me 18 and even showed me her ID to prove it.

I didn’t think any more of it until late that afternoon when sure enough I spotted her in line for one of the water slides where you have to go up the stairs up several flights and she looked even better in her bikini than in her cheer uniform. She was wearing these black bottoms that showed off just about all of her butt and a pink top that made her 32C breasts almost pop out. She got behind her friends in line and smiled at me and lagged behind them and I told her that I was glad I found her and that she looked very sexy in her bikini. She told me that she wore it just for me. I asked her if she wanted to sneak away from her friends and she said yes. At the bottom of the water slide, she told her friends she needed to get some Tylenol because she was feeling dizzy and I told my niece’s parents that I’d take some of her birthday presents to their car.

April and I met up right outside the waterpark and she went with me to take the presents to the car. She confided in me that her parents were super strict and conservative and ever since she turned 18, she’s wanted to fuck an older man because the one guy she snuck out to have sex with sucked at sex. She also said because it would really piss her dad off if he knew she fucked a guy my age. I asked her how old she wondered I was and she said 35. I told her I was 43 and said fuck you look hot for 43 and that’s even hotter and that I was older than her dad.

We went back to my room and as soon as the door was closed I started kissing her and pressed her up against the door and my cock got hard in not time and she said something damn daddy, you do really want to fuck your little girl. I told her yes baby I can’t wait to fuck your tight little teen pussy and she said fuck that’s hot daddy.

I undid her bikini top in about half a second and admired her nice tits before I grabbed them and started kissing them and sucking her nipples and squeezing them and then started to bite her nipples and squeezed her nipples and she moaned out in pain and said don’t stop daddy.

I grabbed her ass and picked her up and carried her to the bed and pulled off her bikini bottoms. She had the hottest little smooth pussy that I’ve ever seen. It looked tight and looked recently shaved without a hint of stubble. I asked her if her dad knew if she shaved her pussy and she told me it was another one of her secrets. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and told her to be a good cheerleader and do the splits. I helped her open her legs and put them along the edge of the bed and I knelt on the ground and started licking her pussy. It was dripping wet and I opened her outer pussy lips and she had the littlest inner lips that were pink and so sexy. I licked them and nipples on them some while I caressed her inner thighs and she said won’t you just fuck me already. I told her she had to wait till I ate her out and she said the other guy she fucked didn’t eat her out. I told her that she missed out and should have fucked me first. I started licking her pussy and sucking on her clit and licking it faster and she came so fast I was surprised. I said time for me to fuck you and I spanked get pussy a couple times with my cock before I put on a condom. She grimaced with a little hint of pain as I went inside her and she said I was bigger than the first guy that fucked her. And then she told me to fuck her hard even if it hurt her. Fortunately it didn’t hurt her any more once she got used to me inside her and I began to thrust deep and fast while I rubbed her clit with my fingers. She was so tight that I felt I was gonna cum soon so I pulled out, turned her over and told her to put her ass up in the air. I pressed down on her back so it was arched a lot and that made her smaller athletic butt look even bigger and hotter. I spread her legs a little so her puffy smooth pussy was wide open and pressed my cock into her a second time. This time her moaning was even louder and I grabbed her tits and fucked her even harder. She said fuck me harder daddy and of course I did fucking her really hard and spanked her ass making her yelp in pain for a second and then she said I’m your naughty little slut daddy. I fucked her harder and grabbed her hips and came inside her, my cum filling the condom and then I pulled out of her and she sucked the cum off my cock.

That was definitely an experience I won’t forget for a long time.

NSFW: yes


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