I [39M] have my first ebony [40F] experience on Valentine’s day

I had just spent a year overseas deployed, and the only available options for me were needy women who knew they had more than one option. Of course, I abstained from that. I was desperate, but not that desperate.

I get back to the states, and the first thing I do is download Tinder and Bumble. Tinder was nothing but a cesspool of bots and influencers. Plus, I was a man over 30, and all they saw me as was a horny old man who would pay to get laid. No thanks.

I had more luck with Bumble… Five matches! And to the best of my knowledge, they all were real people. I didn’t click with most of them, though, or they didn’t find out that I was a father who couldn’t dedicate always to them.

Entitlement is a turn-off.

Just when I was ready to give up, I matched with this girl; we’ll call her Jan. She was cute, professionally dressed, intelligent, and had a good career. She was black, and I had never been with a woman of color before. She was 40 years old, but the phrase “ebony skin doesn’t age” rang true to her. She also had a younger kid and was still figuring out a visitation schedule with the father. Her limited availability and mine made it difficult to pick a meeting date. I discovered she had a free weekend, but I already had plans that Saturday. I invited her to come with me, but it wasn’t her jam. Instead, we agreed to meet at a café on that Sunday.

We met up, and the conversation flowed seamlessly. I forget how long we talked, but it felt like hours. Intellectually, we were very similar. We had very similar world views, and we were at similar points in our life. We both hated online dating! We both enjoyed traveling and the outdoors.

We met about a week later, and of course, we talked at least every other night over the phone. This date, she needed a sitter, so meeting up at home afterward was out of the question. I told her that we should meet up more often. She was flattered by that opinion and said we’d talk later.

Valentine’s day was coming up, and I didn’t have anything planned. She also had her kid and no available sitters. Our last date was at a steakhouse, so I didn’t want to go on another overpriced adventure. I suggested I come over and cook one of my signature meals, a chicken recipe I know, and she agreed. Her kid would be in bed by 7, so I would come over then.

She has most of the ingredients, and I bring over the rest, along with some flowers and a few corny gifts. She gives me some gifts too. We begin making food, I make my dishes, and she makes her sides. It was clear that we both enjoyed cooking.

She also bought some wine for the night, so the liquid courage started flowing. We sit down and eat, and the conversation flows naturally. She has had a very unique life, growing up in Africa, graduating high college in the US, and living in eastern Europe. And she had a higher education than me!

We move to the couch and keep playing 21 questions. We are getting much more daring with what questions we ask and are both a lot more trusting with what we were sharing.

Finally, she leans over, and we begin kissing. I grab her legs (I’m a legs guy) to pull her closer and begin feeling up her side, arm, and neck. She is reciprocating, and things are quickly escalating. At this point, I am relatively confident things are gonna go all of the methods.

I begin kissing her neck, and she grabs my hand and places it on her boob. I had learned from conversing earlier that she has very sensitive nipples. I pull her shirt and bra down and begin sucking on her nipples. She goes wild and begins with a high-pitched moan.

It gets me going! I usually only see women moan that much from fingering or while I’m eating them out. But this is wild. We both begin rubbing each other’s privates with clothes still on. However, I’m a little reserved about going any further in case her kid walks in. I tell her we should bring this to her bedroom. She agrees.

She leads me to her bedroom, and we are hand in hand, smirking, groping, and kissing as we walk. It’s a rather drunken stagger.

We get to the room, she shuts the door, and it goes completely dark. Thankfully, I saw the attached bathroom had a light. I tell her, “you’re too beautiful to keep hidden in the dark.” And I turn the light on slightly close the bathroom door, which provides just enough lighting for a romantic mood.

We keep making out by her bedside, and clothes begin falling off. She has a matching bra and underwear, so I opinion on it. She slides in response, and we discover ourselves on the bed.

I take her bra off and go after her nipples. She pushes me over and takes my underwear off as I also take hers off. She starts trying to slide me in.

I stopped her and told her we needed to use protection. She asked if I had any, and I said I did. I grab my shirt with a condom in my breast pocket while she stays on the bed and fingers herself.

Let me tell you, that shirt button took way longer than I expected to undo.

I jumped back on the bed and quickly put the condom on. She helps unroll it down the shaft, and I kiss her breasts more while fingering her. I got a pretty good feel for her vagina. Her opening is rather small, and her cervix sits pretty low, meaning her G-spot was down too. My fingers easily reached it, and she was quickly squirming in pleasure. I intended to eat her out; however, she asked that I be inside her now.

I tell her to beg for it. She did. I get back up to her level, put my penis in front of her vagina, and she guides me in.

Immediately she starts moaning. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten laid, and I’m a little girthier than most. Length is an average of 6 inches. So I’m rock hard and ready to go, even at the old age of 39. We go at it in missionary for a few minutes, and she claims to be coming already.

Initially, I wondered she was faking it. However, now that we’ve been going at it for a few weeks, it’s pretty clear that this is for real. Her vaginal muscles now regularly spasm beyond her control in pompoir fashion. Something I intend to help train her to control. But back to the story.

Since I wasn’t sure if this was real, I decided to pull out my go-to trick: eating her out. I intended to do this before beginning, but now I wanted to make sure she was into this.

I begin kissing her again, then moving down to her neck, breasts, stomach, and vulva. I put my finger in her to rub her g-spot and then begin eating out her clitoris. She started going wild. She was moaning and even screamed, “oh Eye, what are you doing? How are you doing that?!?!” as I continued to eat her out.

She is very active with her legs and they are moving back and forth. This makes it difficult to stay latched on to her clitoris as it is smaller than I expected. There is nothing wrong with a small clitoris; that usually means it’s more sensitive and easier to please. But I couldn’t keep the angle with all of the movement. So I end up holding her legs down with my free arm.

It drives her even crazier as she tries to move even more. Finally, I realize what she’s doing: she is trying to lift me to ride me.

So I lean back and let her.

She jumps on top and angles her body so that it stimulates her clitoris the most. This prevents me from being able to suck on her breasts, so I begin reaching around her ass and feeling her up.

Now, her ass isn’t some big old plump like Kim Kardashians, nor am I attracted to that sort of butt. However, her ass is definitely round and firmly given how much she works out. It is not flat, and it fits perfectly into the palm of my hand.

And then, as she’s riding, I ask her if she’s into butt stuff. She hesitates and says that it depends.

I ask, “how about this?” and put one of my free fingers into her asshole while she’s on top. She starts moaning even louder and rides up on me, giving me an angle to suck her breasts and fingering her while she’s riding me.

Again, she says that she is coming. This time I believe her.

We stop momentarily to let her gather her breath as I continue sucking her breasts and finger her asshole while she is entirely immobile on top of me. Once again, she asks, “what are you doing Eye?” and tells me to keep going as she is amazed by the pleasure.

Finally, she realizes she’s about to cum again and starts riding again. This time harder and longer strokes, which results in my dick falling out of both her and the condom. Thankfully I feel it, and I quickly put the condom back on while lifting her, grabbing a pillow, and placing her ass on it, so she is propped up.

She starts stroking me off before I go back in, and I’ll never forget the look on her face when she looks up at me. It was of pure admiration. I go back in with her propped up in missionary as she finds a newfound love of having her hips higher. After a few minutes, I flip her over and begin on her doggy style. My favorite. I love the angle and the domination, and I get a free hand to play with her tits, hair, or clit.

After a few minutes of pleasing all three, she’s moaning again, shouting that she never experiences pleasure in this position, but she is enjoying it.

It’s pretty clear that her legs are giving out, so I cross one over and fuck her while she’s on her side. I don’t know how, but our bodies are made for this position, and I can go deeper than ever.

She starts screaming and even pulls away from too much pleasure, asking for a break. We begin making out, and she tells me she’s had at least three orgasms so far, including one in doggy, which she never had before. In fact, her legs were not giving out, and they were weakening from an orgasm just as I turned her and pushed deeper.

Once again, the condom is off because when I pulled out of her tight pussy, it decided to hold on. I ask her to put it back on, and she does.

I once again fuck her while she’s on her side. I begin slow just so I can see how deep I can go. Her legs begin squirming again, and I begin to notice that she is using my inner thigh to get her clit off. I begin pounding deeper using my thigh and make sure to rub her clit more in doing so. I continue to go deep and slow, and this puts her over the edge.

I continue in this position, only now I’m entirely pulling out to repeat the motion of putting my dick in over and over. Every five to ten pumps, though, I go in as deep as feasible. I continue to do this over and over until…

She has number 5.

I wish I could tell you of some story where we banged for hours on end, but unfortunately, it became apparent that the condom wouldn’t stay on anymore. Further, she has a mild latex allergy which, with a combination of constantly pulling out, dried her up.

We cuddled for a bit and talked about what we just did. I commented about her body, and she complimented my stamina and how hard I was still. I laughed about how my stamina is mostly from the fact that I had a condom on. She showered and invited me to stay over, but I didn’t have any items over and I needed to work in the morning.

Needless to say, 10/10 valentine’s day. I continued to smell her on me for all of the next day. I was all smiles and kept thinking back to the night prior. It was glorious.

NSFW: yes

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