I [38F] fucked my son’s [18M] brains out on a roadtrip… – Short Sex Story

*Just a heads up for the easily triggered:* this post involves m/s incest. Turn back now if you’re triggered by that sort of confession. You’ve been warned.

My son and I are currently road tripping across the country together to bring him back to school a few weeks early so that he can settle in, and so far it’s been…intense.

Our sexual relationship is still new and the last thing I want to do is rush everything and risk screwing it all up, however…being in a tiny car with him for almost three days so far quickly proved too much for me to resist.

It’s like…ever since he let me finally get a taste…I’ve been absolutely famished and thirsting for more. His cock is unlike anything I had even been anticipating—not just in appearance, but in how he uses it. Don’t get me wrong: he’s a very attractive guy. I never had any delusions about him being some sort of chaste virgin, especially now that he’s fully immersed in the school life. I just…hadn’t expected him to be quite so…gifted…at his age.

Maybe it’s from hours upon hours of gooning to porn, or practice, or a combination of the two, but when he finally fucked me that first night after I came home from work early and caught him jerking it…he more or less claimed my pussy as his and only his for what felt like would surely be the rest of my life.

My own son…robbing me of my ability to ever enjoy “normal” sex with a man my own age ever again.

He fucked me not once, not twice, but three times that first night, thoroughly using all my holes as he pleased…as if he had been waiting to do so for a lifetime.

I was so spent and cum drenched by the end of it that I could hardly walk…but he didn’t care.

It was like a wild animal had been let loose on me.

He used me as his own personal sex slave for the better part of that entire weekend…and then…most cruelly of all…

When Monday came, he completely reverted back to my typical “sweet, loving, unsuspecting” son and refused to touch me.

He didn’t even mention anything that had transpired between us….leaving me with nothing more than a treasure trove of off-limits mental snapshots to pull forth whenever I got horny and felt the urge to cum.

I hated him for it.

I still do.

And yet…

I desperately wanted to get him back inside of me.

Like I said, being in this tiny car with him, having to keep up the rouse that we’re just a typical mother and son, after having him inside of me for hours on end is…excruciating.

Especially since it’s summer and blazing hot, which means he’s therefore been wearing nothing but basketball shorts that give me a very clear view of his impressive cock.

I finally had enough and told him I felt like he was teasing me.

At first I wondered he was just ignoring me again, blowing me off, then I noticed he was pulling off the highway to a completely empty rest area. It honestly looked abandoned. Before I could ask him what he was doing, he pulled me across the middle console into his lap and went into attack mode.

My panties were quickly shed beneath the skirt I was wearing, and out came his rock-hard length in short order. He groaned when my sticky wetness finally engulfed him, burying his face in my neck as if out shame to have once again given in to my yearnings.

*Or were they his?*

I milked every bit of seed out of him and left him so utterly drained that he had to take a two-hour nap in the backseat before he felt it would finally be safe for him to drive again.

Again, when it ended, we didn’t speak on it the rest of the drive…

But the lingering scent of our sex in the car was all the comfort I needed.

NSFW: yes

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