I [34f] gave a fellow flyer “air head”

I usually travel during the late hours in the night, either by vehicle or in this case, plane red eye. I sat in the last row of first class, next to a man wearing a nice suit and watching a gaming tournament, half way passed out. It was dark and quiet and almost everyone was asleep. I was getting so turned on by thoughts of getting fucked the night before so I turned towards the window and started rubbing my nipples. The guy next to me was adjusting his pillow, but I kept touching. I opened my legs and ran my fingers up and down my inner thigh as I sucked on my fingers. At this point he was already watching me. He cleared his throat, but I didn’t stop. I had to touch my wet pussy, I sat back up and spread my legs a little wider. He asked if he could touch my thighs and I stared at him without responding and stuck my middle finger in my gooey hole as he felt and gripped my leg. He asked if he could taste me, I let him lick my sticky finger then I asked if I could suck his cock…he was hesitant as he looked around and started to unzip. As I was bobbing, he placed his jacket over my head, but I could still see the man sitting across from us, as he was rubbing his dick through his pants. I sat back up, wiping the cum drip and looked back across at the man smiling and winking. He later asked if he could get his dick sucked too in the airport bathroom when we land…I was late for work.

NSFW: yes

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