I (33M) tied my wife (32F) to the bed blindfolded and let 10 strangers fuck her

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So I posted a local ad.

    *[MF4M] #St. Augustine, FL. Insatiable slut wife wants to be tied up in bed, blindfolded and fucked by strangers.*

    *Must show proof of STI testing within the past 90 days. Condoms mandatory. Vaginal only. No fucking without husband present.*

I got *a lot* of responses. Most didn’t read the actual full post. They either could not provide STI testing (probably overkill if I am also making them wear a condom) or asked if they could fuck her raw and cum inside her. At the time, that was not something I was comfortable with.

This was the first time I let someone else fuck my wife. To provide some background, she is an amazing wife, but she has an impossibly high libido. The sex is fucking fantastic, she is submissive to the core and can not live without me absolutely dominating her—we have tried all manner of kinks and are both more than satisfied with our sex lives. I very much enjoy being able to essentially freeuse her—any of her holes, at any time.

But even I sometimes struggle matching her libido, and pleasuring multiple men at my behest has been a long time fantasy for her. So for her birthday I decided to arrange a stranger fuckfest.

After weeks of chatting and vetting, I arranged for ten men to come to our house at a specified time on the evening of her birthday. As I tied her to the bed she was giddy with excitement and already dripping wet. The best part was I didn’t tell her how many men there would be tonight. She probably assumed 2 or 3, max.

I tied her wrists together and secured them to the bed above her head. Her legs were kept straight and spread out and her pelvis was propped up with a pillow to help get a better angle when penetrating her. I blindfolded her, clamped her nipples, and put on noise canceling headphones that played the sound of the ocean. After a little teasing foreplay I inserted her favorite butt plug and an insertable vibrator that set I set on low, knowing it would make her wet and rive her wild.

Before I left her there to receive our guests, I lifted her headphones and told her what a good slut she is. I asked her if she would pleasure my friends to make me happy and she almost came on the spot telling me she will do anything to make me happy—fuck as many guys as I want her to.

I was surprised with how punctual everyone was. We all shot the shit together, smoked up a little, and had a beer or two. When I asked who wants to go first with my wife, almost everyone volunteered. I restated the ground rules and asked everyone to cum on her belly and tits.

We all came in the room together. Even though they already saw her photos online, they all got very excited seeing her in person. I climbed between her legs on the bed and a few others began groping her body, mostly playing with her very ample breasts (38DDD).

My wife pulled against the restraints by instinct and started breathing heavily when she remembered she was at our mercy. You could tell how nervous she was. But she trusted me well and knew I would not let anything bad happen to her that night. I took out her vibrator and let the first man enter her, he had already slipped his condom on.

My wife went nuts right away. The hour and a half of tortuous teasing followed by the surprise groping and fucking by an unknown amount of men made her cum almost immediately (I gave her advanced permission to cum whenever she could this night).

Her quivering tight pussy gushed and the man started fucking her wildly before cumming very quickly. He slipped off his condom and shot a enormous load all the way to her tits and puddled on her belly. He shrugged and said it had been a week since he last got off.

Within seconds the next man entered her. My wife moaned like such a whore as the second dick fucked her. I’m not sure if it the feeling of the first man’s cum on her or the impressive girth of the cock inside her but she came again very quickly. This time her whole body shook.

After a few minutes with no sign of slowing, I asked him to swap out with someone else. Man after man fucked her with all of their might. My wife got the best part of the deal. She never had to worry about the man getting tired from overexertion or getting soft from cumming. All she experienced was a hard, willing dick always. Her pussy was overwhelmed, and all the while her body was groped and stimulated. The men took off her clamps and constantly pulled, twisted, and played with her nipples. If I had let them, I’m sure they would have absolutely destroyed her throat and fucked her in the ass at the same time.

She had taken load after load, and her tits and belly were *completely* covered by the end of it. Some of the lower stamina men even had a chance to fuck her a second time. My wife was absolutely delirious with orgasms, and I knew she had likely never been happier. Part of me thought if she would still beg for more even after all this.

Once she had pleasured all ten men I let them all out and went to praise my wife. I took off her headphones and told her what a good job she did—but now her sir wants to fuck her throat and ass.

She is at all times willing to pleasure me but tonight was next level. I untied her and brought her head just off the side of the bed so my cock could get a straight shot into her throat. I fucked her throat harder than I ever had before and until her face was covered in spit. I fucking love the feeling of her throat spasm on me as she gags on my cock.

Then I jumped on the bed to put her legs over my shoulders before pulling out her plug. After applying lube, I easily slid cock into her ass and I fucked her until she begged for my cum. Her body shook and she rubbed the other men’s cum all over her tits.

I couldn’t believe how excited I was to fuck my cum-dumpster of a wife in the ass while she is covered in ten guy’s cum. She is such a filthy whore that would do anything to make me happy. And there is nothing more satisfying then when she begs for my seed.

I had one the most powerful orgasms of my life and I pulled out to cum in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, despite where it had just been, and helped suck out the last drops after I finished ejaculating. She was sure to show me my load and swirl it around with her tongue before swallowing.

We showered together after. I sensually washed all of the cum off of her body. She told me my cock felt the best, that no one makes her happy like I do. I don’t know if she was just saying that, but it was very appreciated.

It was a lot of fun! Most of the guys asked to come back another time. So now I can call up to ten guys to come over any time and help fuck my wife if I need to. I think DP is next. I can not wait!

NSFW: yes