I [32m] tag team my wife [27f] with her own father [52m]

I live in a third rate country where girls are separated from men. So incest is so common especially where I live where we only marry cousins and it like royalty and stuff. So I once married in this slutty family where they fuck around a lot. My gorgeous wife had incestuous feelings towards her father and I like incest since I witnessed my family especially my sisters who bring their boys to fuck in front me which messed me up in the head and incest became ordinary to me.

One day I was playing poker with her dad and we made a bet if he wins I will let him fuck his own daughter ( everyone wondered it was a joke) we played until I lost. Then I called her and told her to get naked she was so confused and scared until I kissed and said its OK I think ur father wants it too, as I said it her eyes rolled as nearly came by the idea she was so wet and didn’t believe me until I made sit naked on her father’s lab and they started kissing like crazy and he was playing with his daughter boobs! It was wild they didn’t know what to do next so I grabbed her and bend her over and said just fuck her delicious pussy and he he did almost instantly her screaming was rocking the living room and we kept swapping until we sandwich her between our horny cocks she started crying as I watch her father cum on her back she sucked him off as she finished me with her hands.

Later that night we talked a lot about rules and the future of this she kinda fell in love with more as she worshipping my cock ever since.

What do u think will happen next?

NSFW: yes

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