I (31M) had sex with my sisters best friend (30F)

My sisters best friend is someone I came to know as a middle schooler. It’s hard to say what she’d wondered of me as I was pretty mean to her. Little did she know, I’d wanted to fuck her since I was 13. Later I’d understand she all the time felt the same.
Watching each other grow up has been quite the experience; and throughout the years she’s only become more gorgeous. Her black hair, dark eyes, beautiful smile, and voluptuous appearance.

Recently, she’d flown out from Colorado to visit my sister. Things between her and I started out very silly. We’d all planned on gonna dinner and grabbing drinks together. Her and I were alone while everyone else was coupled up. We’d been joking about how we’d be each others dates. That quickly turned into me jokingly becoming her vacation boyfriend. We started doing silly things like calling each other babe. Three nights ago we were at my sisters place when she’d taken the chair I was in. I called her out on it when she said we could both sit there. I wondered to myself fuck it, sat down next to her and threw my arm over her. As the night went on, we’d sat there together, her pushed up next to me, until everyone else had gone to bed. We’d been watching Netflix. I was hard and I was hoping she was just as turned on. As my hand lay on her stomach I noticed she’d been lightly caressing my arm. I responded by lightly caressing her stomach. After a while, she got up and mentioned she was gonna be right back. She went upstairs and came down in a different outfit than before. She sat back down in my arms and scooted herself into me.
Bit by bit I inched my way around until i’d made it under her shirt. I realized at this point that she wasn’t wearing a bra anymore, I slowly began to make my way up her stomach when my fingers gently stroked the underside of her boob. I proceeded to gently fondle her. She’s not stopping me and My cock is throbbing.
She’s leaning against me and I can feel her starting to breathe heavy. I put my hand on the inside of her thigh and pulled her legs aside. She moaned. I started to slide my hand back down her stomach and into her leggings. This is happening. She’s soaking wet. As I look at her, I see a big gorgeous smile. She’s into it. I want her so badly. I lean in and begin kissing her. I stop and she takes off her pants. My fingers are inside of her wet pussy and I can she doesn’t want me to stop. Sad to say, I cut it short. As badly as I wanted to ravage her, I didn’t want to fuck her in my sisters living room. I told her how I was feeling and she agreed. Things stop completely. Frustrated, I watch her pull her pants back up. She lays back down into me and I wrap my arms around her and put her on my lap like a baby as she rests her head on my chest. Eventually we both begin nodding off, she tells me she wants to lay down in a bed and doesn’t want her best friend to wake up to us asleep. I reluctantly agree. I kiss her goodbye as she heads upstairs to the guest room. I head back home. this is where it ends for now. Part 2 coming soon.

NSFW: yes

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