I (31M) had sex with my sisters best friend (30F) part 2

The night before had a very anticlimactic ending. Today I’m at work and I can’t get her off of my mind. I’d wanted to fuck her so badly. As I’m working I get a text from her that reads “Thanks for last night ❤️.” I wondered to myself “Cool, sounds like she was just as into it as I was”. “No problem.” I responded, “I had a good time too 😊. I’ll see you later today.” After work I made my way to my sisters house to hang out. Did my sister know? Was she suspicious? We tried to hide it but the sexual tension was intense. As we’re all hanging on the couch, my sister leaves for bed. Her best friend pulls out a marijuana pen. We all partake. It didn’t take long for me to become stoned out of my mind as I was not a habitual smoker. My sisters friend and I move closer to each other until she’s laying on my lap. As the night goes on, we start watching videos of her pole dancing. She used to teach classes at a studio. It’s mesmerizing, ethereal, sexy, graceful, erotic, and impressive. I love how her outfits set the tone and match the flow of her movements. Her movements connect to the songs she chose. I’m so worked up watching the videos of her when to my surprise, a video of her in the shower appears on her phone. Her face is barely visible and I’m only able to see just below her nose, but it was clearly her. The pitter-patter of the shower can be heard. She smiles and sticks her tongue out as if to say she knows how naughty she is. Her right hand begins caressing her breasts and she’s using the left hand to film. She grabs her nipple then starts up to move her hand slowly down her naked stomach as the camera begins to shift south towards her pussy. She slips her middle finger in then out and begins to play with herself for about 3 seconds. The video ends. For the first time, I’d gotten a glimpse of her naked body. Speechless, I had no idea what to say as my brother in law is sitting across from us. She turns around and says “you’re welcome”. I knew in that moment I was gonna fuck her. My cock is throbbing and the anticipation is killing me. I felt as though I was about to burst wide open. She sends me the video. My brother in law is having a good time and sticks around for a while to hang, clueless about what’s going on. Somehow this makes things hotter. Eventually, around 1:30am he decides to go to upstairs to bed. She gets up and looks at me to tell me “I’m going to go change my clothes.” Minutes later she finally comes back wearing nothing but a T-shirt and panties. “Wow” I wondered to myself as she walks towards me. She sits on my lap and we both knows what’s about to happen. This time I didn’t care that we were at my sisters, I was gonna fuck her. She slides off her panties as I slide my sweat pants and boxers off. I can feel the pre cum on my leg as it rubs off my boxers. Her pussy was shaved and wet. We begin making out as I quickly lay her down on the couch. The anticipation had been too much. I thrust my cock between her warm tight lips. “Holy shit this is happening” I wondered. It felt incredible finally being inside of her as I flex my hips and pump my cock as deeply inside of her as I could. Things are starting to get loud as I begin thrusting even harder trying to go deeper. The leather and creaking of the couch was beginning to make me nervous. I took her to the floor and start again. The carpet scraping my knees was burning, but I didn’t care. I wanted her. I wanted to fill her up. I wanted her to cum on me. As I felt myself coming closer to climax I pulled back. I wasn’t done and wanted this to last longer. She looked at me as I got up from the ground with a look of curiosity. I walked towards her and put my dick into her mouth. She began sucking. I put my hands on her head and began to shove her into my cock. I wanted to go deeper. As I’m getting close to finish I pull her head into me with one final thrust into her throat and she gagged. I got back onto the ground and mounted her from behind. I pump slowly, pulling a blanket over both of us in case someone comes downstairs. We were quiet, but still too loud for my comfort, and my knees were starting rug burn. I wanted to go wild and I could sense she did too. My bed was a better choice. I suggested we go back to my place where we could let loose and go wild. Hesitant, she agreed. We were both tired, but we both wanted this. Part 3 coming soon!

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NSFW: yes

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