I (29F) took my first BBC in the back of my car in the middle of the day

About a month ago I met up with a guy that I had been talking to for about 2 weeks. We had been sending pictures back and forth of ourselves. He constantly is asking for pictures of my ass and I love seeing videos of his big dick cumming everywhere. He says I’m exactly his type, white woman, big ass, big tits and a bit of a freak. I personally am not as big a fan of my body as he is, but he is definitely making me feel better about it.

We finally had a chance to meet up, so I drove down to where he works and picked him up. He told me to go down a secluded alleyway. The entire drive, maybe 5 minutes, he was groping my tits underneath my dress and I could see him growing harder through his work pants. The moment I turned my car off he was kissing me and sliding his hand up my dress where he was greeted with my dripping wet pussy. I had been thinking about finally having his hard dick in my mouth and pussy all day, so I was very turned on. We climbed in the back seat and continued kissing and groping until I got impatient and undid his pants to finally get my hands on his dick. I was a little surprised, as it was much bigger in person, but I was excited to finally feel full when he inevitably slid himself inside me.

I leaned over and took him into my mouth, slowly working it all the way into the back of my throat until I gagged. I spit on his dick to add lubrication and worked my hand up and down him while I licked and sucked his balls, that was one thing he said he loved to have done. First, I took one ball into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it and then I took the other in before letting them out with a pop and licked my way back up his shaft and took him as deep in my throat as I could. I could taste the precum leaking from the tip of his dick, it was salty but didn’t taste bad. I could tell he was getting close because of how loud his moans had grown and the fact he was thrusting himself into the back of my throat and holding my head in place, making me gag and spit more. Finally he said he was gonna cum. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out waiting for it to fall on it like a good little cum slut and I noticed he had his phone out and was recording me giving him head. As he was cumming he saw a truck coming towards us and I had to lay in his lap to make sure they didn’t see, but the car was so fogged up I’m sure they could easily tell what was going on. Sadly, I missed most of his cum and it got in my hair.

After a few minutes of him recovering he was hard again and was pulling a condom over his dick so that he could fuck me. He had me climb on top of him and bounce on his dick so that he could see my ass jiggle as I rode him. It felt amazing being so full and I could feel him touching my cervix every time I lowered myself on his dick. He reached his hand around me an began rubbing my clit as I ground against him, the added stimulation was just what I needed to cum. He groaned as my pussy tigethened around his dick, he kept thrusting upwards trying to get deeper inside me. Soon after he was cumming into the condom and pulled himself out of me. I licked his dick clean of the cum and laughed as he told me that he needed to fuck me again before going back to work.

At this point there was no mistaking what had been happening in the car. We were both covered in sweat and the windows were completely fogged up even though I had one of my front windows opened halfway. I opened my sunroof to let more air in and as I did he slid another condom on and pushed me forwards over the center console so he could fuck me from behind. I wondered he was deep before when I was riding him, but this time every single thrust he hit my cervix and I got this sensation in my lower stomach I had never felt before. After a few thrusts I was struggling to not scream as I came again.

While that position felt amazing, it was incredibly awkward for both of us so he had my back seat lay down a bit and then had me lay on the seat. He took my legs and positioned them so my knees were by my ears and entered me again. He wasn’t quite as deep as before, but it still felt amazing. A few thrusts in he snaked his hand up my body and put his hand around my throat, choking me slightly. I had told him before one of the best orgasms I had ever had was when a guy was fingering me and eating me out while choking me (which coincidentally was also in the backseat of a car several months ago). Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to last long enough to pull another orgasm from me, but thankfully he was able to pull himself out of me and take the condom off in time to cum on my stomach and my tits. One of the best things about him is how much he cums and how thick it is. I’d gladly let him cover me in it and keep fucking me without cleaining it off.

We had one more condom left, but there wasn’t enough time to use it, so I cleaned the cum off his dick and balls with my tongue one last time and we climbed back into the front so I could take him back to work. I drove home with his cum still on me until I got a shower later that evening.

I met up with him today and it made me think about this encounter so I decided to make a throwaway user account to post it because it turns me on so much thinking about it. Getting fucked in the backseat of the car in broad daylight, able to be caught any second. Definitely 10/10 would do it again.

NSFW: yes

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